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Rich Dad Poor Dad: Robert Kiyosaki Bancruptcy Filing a Branding Lesson

Having just attended a Robert Kiyosaki ‘Rich Dad’ training for real estate investors, I read with particular interest the facts concerning the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing for Robert and Kim Kiyosaki’s Rich Global LLC. Ref Case 12-20834. Any reports that this is a personal bankruptcy filing are false. Having just attended a Robert Kiyosaki ‘Rich Dad’ training for real estate investors, I read with particular interest the facts concerning the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing for Robert and Kim Kiyosaki’s Rich Global LLC. Ref Case 12-20834. Any reports that this is a personal bankruptcy filing are false. (To read my full blog post click on the title link above)

My Name is James Holmes, I Market Online, and I Am Here to Help the Willing

Since the horrific events July 2012 at the Batman Dark Night Rises Premiere in Aurora Colorado, I have recieved numerous messages and one clever graphic… here is what I know.

This was posted on my Facebook wall by someone who doesn’t know me at all

This graphic is perhaps the most creative of the bunch… by far!

Scower the Internet until your fingers are numb and the person that you may have thought ‘most likely’ to be talking about James Eagan Holmes has said almost nothing at all.

Despite tens of thousands of website hits and hundreds of calls, text, instant messages, Skype messages and more… I have not and would not seek to profit a single penny from the tragety that occured in MY COMMUNITY.

But here is the rub for those like my graphic artist friend (noted above) with an obession for Willie Wanka… I Am James Holmes, I Market Online, and I Am Here to Help the Willing. These facts will never change.

What is my point? (To read the complete post please click on the title link above to be redirected to my blog)

How to Leverage Public Relations and Social Media a Special Free Webcast Featuring Tatyana Gann

I have worked with Tatyana Gann for more than three years now and she has become both a trusted business colleague and true friend. Known by many as the ‘Russian Diva,” she has developed an amazing reputation as a public relational strategist and social media expert. I have hosted Tatyana as my guest on previous occasions on my podcast and I am pleased to share her knowledge and amazing strategies with attendees in the S.W.A.T. Conference Room for the first time.

Tonight we are hosting a very special conference featuring Tatyana Gann and several critical lessons from her PR Detective Blueprint Mini Course which reveals a step by step guide to quickly investigate, find and remove negative publicity while building a solid online reputation.

The event is free to attend and you will walk away with actionable content and gain a better understanding of how to leverage the coming changes to Facebook to grow your business. In addition to the free content, attendees interested in knowing more will be invited to join us for a four week intensive where you will receive the complete blueprint and action plan.

How to Attend:

Date: Tuesday March 13th

Time: 8:00 PM EST


Step 1: Follow the link above

Step 2: Login with your name (no password required)

Step 3: Bring a pen and notebook and take lots of notes

(To Read the Complete Article Click on the Title Link Above)

Gary Vaynerchuk and Guy Kawasaki on Brand Engagement

I am a HUGE advocate of finding ways to leverage viral marketing and social media to extend your brand and grow your business. By definition, that which is viral is also organic, meaning you shouldn’t overthink the process of growing your brand virally.

The engine that powers your viral messages is the value you provide to those who share your message with others causing it to spread online. But you are the spark that egnites the process and for that you simply need to develop the mindset of giving to others first.

In their latest books, Gary Vaynerchuk (Thank You Economy), Guy Kawasaki (Enchantment), and Russell Simmons (Do You) among other thought leaders have stated… the companies and brands that will thrive now and into the future are those that empower people to fulfill their purpose by engaing with a company or brand. The trend is for customers and communities to engage with companies whoes brand values include putting people first and creating exceptional experiences in the delivery of their products and services.

In this short video we are treated to rare dual interview from two of the most forward thinking entrepreneurs on the scene today. Gary Vaynerchuk and Guy Kawasaki take turns highlighting the core message of their books. (Click on the title link above to read the complete article and watch the video)

Dr. Jeffrey Lant: The Royal Engagement and Business Lessons on Extending Your Brand as a Topic Expert

If you want to learn a series of important lessons interweaving your passions, your preeminence on a topic, your business, and your personal brand, pay close attention to the following series of videos. The world buzzing with the news this week that Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton are to be married and we will all be treated to another royal wedding. I would like to use the events of the week and a more personal association I have with a key player to share several valuable lessons.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant has become an important personal mentor to me and his counsel has greatly impacted both my business and personal life. Much of what I have learned from Dr. Lant has come through observation followed by his dissection to illuminate the salient points. He has taught, I have learned, and now I am going to pay much of this forward to you.

The “subject” of this series of interviews is the engagement of Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton. The events involving Dr. Lant began within a few short hours of their announcement to the world and continued for three days. What emerged for all of us is an opportunity to learn what is possible when you exhibit courage and take risk to share your voice and unique perspective with the world.

Free Social Media Training for SWAT Traffic Members

Do you want to learn the secrets to creating massive results using Social Media? Are you a member of Swat Traffic? If you answer is yes to these questions you will want to make it a point to join me for a very special webinar event on Thursday November 4th at 8:00 PM EST (7:00 CST, 6:00 MST, 6:00 PDT) for an exclusive social media training. As a special incentive, everyone who registers will get a free Wordpress Blog created by my partners at the blog factory.

Here Is What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar:

• How To Get a FREE Self-Hosted Premium WordPress Blog
• Why a Blog Can Go Far Beyond Just Making You Money
• The 5 Key Components In Creating A Successful Blog
• How To Leverage Experts To Piggyback Your Way To Success
• Why 79% of Web Users Avoid Your Blog & How To Draw Them In
I am welcoming a very special guest to present this session, Mr. Bradley Will, CEO of Social Spin and founder of, Bradley will show you how to get a FREE Premium WordPress blog and 5 ways to massively launch your brand and create an engaged community around your blog. This is priceless training!

We are also going to make it easy to get your Worldpress blog during the training and your site will be up in a day or two. If you would like to see an example of the blog Bradley’s team did for me go here.

How to Leverage Public Relations and Social Media

I am easily inspired… that’s right, easily inspired by great ideas and strategies that will help me grow my business by helping others become successful. Yesterday, I interview one of my dearest online friends and business associates Tatyana Gann aka “Russian Diva” on the topic of Social Media 2.0 – listen to the reply here: Public Relations 2.0 Featuring Tatyana Gann

The interview was filled with great information and several resources to help you utilize public relations regardless of the size of your business or level of experience. I encourage you to listen to the show and take lots of notes, it was a content packed interview.

I would like to share a few thoughts of my own on the topic of how to leverage public relations and social media to drive traffic and build your list.

Podcast Episode # 119: PR 2.0 Mastery with Tatyana Gann

Join me on Wednesday September 1st for a very special interview and webinar invitation featuring Tatyana Gann of Smokin Hot PR. We will be discussing strategies and tips to help you… become your own publishing juggernaut!

Learn how to …

Promote your product, e-book, services and personal brand

Find sources of inspiration for your marketing and brand messages

Identify new marketing methods and resources to breath new life into your business

How to leverage online methods to explode your offline business

Directly reach your targeted audience using PR 2.0

How to build a massive list through PR!

Here are the show details:

Answers Junction Dynamic New Site To Make You An Authority

I have launched two new article sites Answers Junction and My Ezine World each will bring you tons of targeted traffic if you apply yourself and answer the questions that have been submitted by readers of the site. I recommend that you spend 10 minutes every-other day on each site.

Answers Junction is designed to provide web-surfers with authoritative answers to there questions in a variety of niches. I am going to provide you with a brief review of each site and then share a few ideas on how you can benefit from each site.

as I write this post there have been 2383 published answers and many more questions awaiting the expertise of the Internet community – perhaps you! Simply view the menu tabs on the home page, select a sub-catagory that you have specialized knowledge – for example “Internet Business + Traffic Generation” and answer questions that have been posted in that category.

If you have specialized knowledge in a niche that is not currently included on the site please leave a comment here or on the “Contact Us” form on the site and I will research your niche and consider adding it to Answers Junction.