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Wealth and Power Aren’t Whats Important in Life. Unless You Have Neither!

This morning I read a short interview featuring Richard Gere, one of my favorite actors for what he stands for off screen as much as onscreen. The title of the article is “It’s Only Money… Richard Gere understands that wealth and power aren’t what’s important in life.”

I glanced at the title and agreed with the premise because at a deeper level I believe this is true; however, as I read the article with greater consideration I came to an awareness of what I believe is the whole truth. Wealth and power aren’t whats important in life unless you have neither!

For people who begin each day grateful for another night of shelter, wondering when and where their first meal of the day will come from… money and power are everything regardless if they accept it or not.

As you read this blog post you are likely not as wealthy as Richard Gere (net worth of $45 million) or as destitute as those unfortunate enough to be homeless. Therefore you find yourself somewhere in between and the ways in which money and power influence your life depends on your personal situation and how you have adapted to it. (To read the full article, click on the title link above)

How to Generate Leads and Make Daily Income with Funded Proposals

I have had the privilege to meet many of truly remarkable people during my time in the home business profession. My friendships and associations have been broad-ranging including young people with a passion for entrepreneurship, single mothers raising a family, displaced career oriented people, retirees, and insanely successful network marketing professionals.

One common factor among all of those who I have met pursuing their dreams online is that they all need leads, qualified prospects, and conversions to sells and sign-ups.

Early in my career I had a mentor who invested the time and taught me how to create and market using funded proposal systems. It was a God send!

Today, I want to share you part one of a three part training I am providing via webcast on the topic of funded proposal systems. I have titled video one “How to Create 25 Leads and Earn $25 Everyday on Auto Pilot.” Please don’t let the thought of $25 every day be self-limiting, you can add as many zeros as you wish… make it $250 or $2500 per day if your business model and mindset support it.

I believe this training will help you by providing a simple process to creating automated sales funnels that will allow you to generate leads and consistently convert sales or enrollments into your business.

Enjoy the recording: (To View the Video Please Click on the Title Link Above)

Ten Success Principles Affirmed by Tom and Denice Chenault

I was honoured to be a guest on the Tom Chenault Show which airs on the Genesis Communications Network. The discussion was broad and I was able to share my home business story and discuss other current topics imapcting the home business industry.

In this blog post I am going to share the recording of our interview in addition to sharing with you the top 10 success principles affirmed by Tom and Denice Chenault during the course amazing time shared with both before departing as new found friends. (To listen to the audio interview and read the 10 success principles simple click on the title link above)

George Kosch Training and Recommendations for Advertising with Traffic Exchanges

The following video is from the June 01, 2012 live training session with George Kosch, Chief Technology Officer at Worldprofit, which are held every Friday for Silver and Platinum Members. On this day the topic was traffic exchanges which included an over the shoulder overview of two great exchanges… Tezak Traffic Power and S.W.A.T. Traffic Exchange. (To watch the video please click on the title link about to be redirected to my blog)

My Name is James Holmes, I Market Online, and I Am Here to Help the Willing

Since the horrific events July 2012 at the Batman Dark Night Rises Premiere in Aurora Colorado, I have recieved numerous messages and one clever graphic… here is what I know.

This was posted on my Facebook wall by someone who doesn’t know me at all

This graphic is perhaps the most creative of the bunch… by far!

Scower the Internet until your fingers are numb and the person that you may have thought ‘most likely’ to be talking about James Eagan Holmes has said almost nothing at all.

Despite tens of thousands of website hits and hundreds of calls, text, instant messages, Skype messages and more… I have not and would not seek to profit a single penny from the tragety that occured in MY COMMUNITY.

But here is the rub for those like my graphic artist friend (noted above) with an obession for Willie Wanka… I Am James Holmes, I Market Online, and I Am Here to Help the Willing. These facts will never change.

What is my point? (To read the complete post please click on the title link above to be redirected to my blog)

I Am Not the James Holmes Involved in “The Dark Night Rises” Shooting Tragedy

Please take a moment to watch this video which I just recorded as a result of more than 20,000 site inquiries, dozens of text messages, phone calls, and Skype messages concerning the mass shootings at the Batman premiere for “The Dark Night Rises” in Aurora Colorado. The suspected shooter who the police have in custody is named James Holmes… resulting in an impact on my personal and professional brand which is my name.

List Building Mastery: Give Yourself A Raise Anytime You Want One

If you earn $51,413 a year (the median income in the USA) and obtain a 5% annual raise your increase breaks down to $214.22 per month in additional income. Most people would be thrilled with this outcome and consider this increase meaningful income. Once you have mastered list building, you will be able to give yourself a raise at will in both small and large amounts daily.

Building a responsive email list is just like mining for diamonds and once you have done the work, broken through and secured your jewels you can enjoy the rewards for years to come and greatly enrich your life.

Last Saturday evening, I was spending a little time cleaning up my in box and checking the status of my affiliate promotions. I noted that I was nicely placed in second position for the JV Affiliate Contest at ‘Super Sonic Traffic’ and with a nice cash prize there for the taking… I wrote a simple email that added value for my list by introducing my list to Gary Calvert’s, new exchange along with a nice bonus. (To read the complete post click on the title link above)

How to Make $1,000 per Day the Lazy Way and Get Instant Cash Deposits

Learn how to take action on a simple 1-2-3 step formula designed to put instant deposits into your bank account working just a couple of hours per day… I call it the Lazy Guy or Lazy Girl method because you only need to invest about 2 hours of focused time each day.

I just finished attending a very truthful and powerful webinar conducted by David Wood the co-founder of Empower Network (EN). It created a huge sense of accountability and also produced a huge epiphany for me and I suspect that you will have a similar experience.

As I previously explained a couple of months ago when I posted my review of Empower Network, although I have known David for quite some time, I still evaluated EN just as I would any other income stream or business opportunity. The only regret I have is not getting involved on day one… you see I actually knew about this before it launched last year. The good news that these are still the early days as this is just getting started.

The best way to evaluate Empower Network for yourself is to register for this new and exclusive Webinar and take action if you feel Empower Network is right for you.

Here is the Webinar Registration link:

I don’t know if Empower Network would be good for you or not… I don’t know if you are looking for a primary program or adding another income stream? Either way, I think you will benefit from attending this Webinar regardless of your current position as you can apply these principles to any aspect of business or life.

I am here to help you succeed and sharing what is working for me is a great way to add value for you. Please feel free to post a comment below and connect with me personally if I can help you in anyway.

Have a blessed day!

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Special Invitation to Participate as a BETA CPA Offer with James Holmes

I am part of small group who is BETA testing an amazing CPA offer which converts a $6 purchase into $120 in income paid to you directly to you, which you can use for any purpose you choose… business or play!

I would advise that you use some of your new found commissions to fund your paid marketing strategies for whatever program you are building as your primary business. One of the best ways to experience exponential growth in your business is through investing in paid advertising.

This is an ideal way for you to create some fast marketing dollars to leverage.

This email is going out to my general list and shared on my blogs, so even if you are not on my personal team you can still come into our BETA group.

Go here for the details:

Jaguar Alive Driving Experience Branding Lessons

I believe great marketing lessons are present everywhere if you simply open your mind to an awareness of business models, marketing strategies, and branding lessons in day to day experiences. You will be amazed by what you observe and learn by doing so.

I enjoyed a phenomenal event and learned a lot while participating in the Jaguar Alive Driving Experience in Denver over the past weekend. I was thoroughly impressed by how the staff from Jaguar presented this iconic British automotive brand by embracing their history and building a bridge to their amazing new technology and drive-ability of their cars. I came home and made several notes applied to my business and thought I would share a few branding lessons with you here. (To read the complete article click on the title link above)