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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Gary Vaynerchuk Provides Insights for Entrepreneurs

I came across this great video interview of Gary Vaynerchuk posted by Entrepreneur Magazine Online titled ‘An Entrepreneurs Life: Gary Vaynerchuk.’

I wanted to share the video with you because there are so many lessons here for anyone wants to know how to achieve a fulfilling life as an entrepreneur. The video offers insights that are actionable and help you to reset your mental outlook for succcess. I know you will enjoy it.
(Click on the title link to watch the video and listen to the podcast)

My Name is James Holmes, I Market Online, and I Am Here to Help the Willing

Since the horrific events July 2012 at the Batman Dark Night Rises Premiere in Aurora Colorado, I have recieved numerous messages and one clever graphic… here is what I know.

This was posted on my Facebook wall by someone who doesn’t know me at all

This graphic is perhaps the most creative of the bunch… by far!

Scower the Internet until your fingers are numb and the person that you may have thought ‘most likely’ to be talking about James Eagan Holmes has said almost nothing at all.

Despite tens of thousands of website hits and hundreds of calls, text, instant messages, Skype messages and more… I have not and would not seek to profit a single penny from the tragety that occured in MY COMMUNITY.

But here is the rub for those like my graphic artist friend (noted above) with an obession for Willie Wanka… I Am James Holmes, I Market Online, and I Am Here to Help the Willing. These facts will never change.

What is my point? (To read the complete post please click on the title link above to be redirected to my blog)

Jaguar Alive Driving Experience Branding Lessons

I believe great marketing lessons are present everywhere if you simply open your mind to an awareness of business models, marketing strategies, and branding lessons in day to day experiences. You will be amazed by what you observe and learn by doing so.

I enjoyed a phenomenal event and learned a lot while participating in the Jaguar Alive Driving Experience in Denver over the past weekend. I was thoroughly impressed by how the staff from Jaguar presented this iconic British automotive brand by embracing their history and building a bridge to their amazing new technology and drive-ability of their cars. I came home and made several notes applied to my business and thought I would share a few branding lessons with you here. (To read the complete article click on the title link above)

One 24 Profits Training: Your Personal Brand… What Flavor is Your Koolaide?

I am a co-founder and faculty member at the Net Learning Academy, which is a free membership website where you can access expert training and resources from a group of full-time Internet marketers. The faculty includes; Robert Puddy, Janet Legere, Kaye Towne, Chris Houg, Rob Gehring, and me. We are committed to helping our members succeed in growing successful businesses.

In the following video I share several ideas to help you develop an online brand and develop a tribe of loyal followers for you and your business. The information shared is actionable, so be sure to grab a notepad and pen for notes and a plan of action. I also have an MP3 audio of this session I can email to you upon request, just send an email to me at (Click on the Title Link above to watch the video)