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Where to Buy Premium Domain Names

Purchase premium aged .com domains to gain immediate SEO benefits.

I came online in 1995 fairly early the general use phase of the Internet. Back then getting a great premium dot com domain name wasn’t a problem and those who had the foresight to understand the importance of “keyword phrases” and snap up very valuable virtual real estate. Now what?

What do you do when you can’t find a great domain name for your business, project, or personal brand? Many have given up on finding a premium dot com domain or settled for a less that SEO friendly, a dot info or dot net alternative, or other less attractive domain options. There are other options, you can purchase domains from a domain broker or expired domains auction site – this can be effective but expensive.

I have a better alternative and it is called Premium Domain Marketplace a brand new website that I own and launched to help you find a premium domain at your price. Have you seen the commercial featuring William Shatner for a travel company… you know the one where he says “name your price!” Well, that is exactly the way I operate my new site. I post great domains and your name a reasonable price – fair enough?

Here is an sample of currently available domains:

I would like invite you to check out my new site and explore some truly great domain names.

I am here to help you succeed and wish you a blessed day!

P.S. Here is the Site:

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  • Jesse

    James once again great content, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to using these tips in my marketing efforts.

    Keep charging my friend,


  • JamesHolmes

    Jesse – Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate that and you as a fellow marketer. We really need to reconnect and mastermind with far more regularity. Be blessed my friend!