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Brad Webb and State of the Art Mailer at the Traffic Exchange Summit

We began the second week of the 2012 Traffic Exchange Summit, which is live online web-conference series that will feature 20 advertising exchange site owners over a ten day period of time. My guest was Brad Webb co-owner of State of the Art Sites including State of the Art Mailer, Buckets of Banners, and My List Frog.

In this session Brad and I explored a variety of issues that impact membership site owners in the advertising exchange industry. When this interview ended I knew we had achieved something that would bring value to anyone interested in created a successful online business. Through the telling of Brad’s story and exploring ideas we uncovered golden nuggets which are immediately actionable.

Recording of the Brad Webb Interview

Visit State Of The Art Mailer HERE

Brad Webb’s interview turned into a virtual workshop for site owners as the conference room was populated primarily with site owners including many of our communities largest traffic exchange owners. The screen shot below was captured during the conference as we recognized the trend.

James Holmes and Brad Webb

Several Site Owners Where In Attendance During the Conference

What is The Traffic Exchange Summit?

The Traffic Exchange Summit is a collective of people who are passionate about traffic exchanges and those who use them to build there businesses.  We are here to support everyone who uses traffic exchanges or has built a business based on advertising exchanges including owners, product developers, advertisers, and of course our members… those who surf the  exchanges.

Who is Brad Webb?

Brad Webb is President and Co-Founder of State Of The Art-Sites. You probably know him best from the very popular email marketing website, State Of The Art Mailer which was launched in March, 2010. He is also at the top of many leader boards in several affiliate programs he promotes with his business partner, Jaye Pause. Brad and Jay recently announced the addition to Paul Coonan and VTraffic Rush to their business.

What is State of the Art Mailer?

Part of the inspiration behind the creation of State Of The Art Mailer (SOTAM) was our own desire, as marketers, to see something new and fresh in the internet advertising community. SOTAM primary goal is to get your ads out fast, while providing superior click rates… all at the same time! Additionally, SOTAM wanted their members to enjoy a steady stream of income that wouldn’t die out over time. Too often, programs explode on the market only to dwindle away after their members lose interest. SOTAM has been “engineered” to keep you coming back!

Final Thoughts and Actions

I recommend that you invest the time required to watch the complete recording from our discussion with Brad Webb and take notes in order to create an action list. There is tremendous value and expert advice here to help you grow.

I recommend joining State of the Art Mailer, Bucket of Banners and VTraffic Rush then posting and tracking your ads.

I am here to help you succeed and invite you to post a comment below and let me know how I can help you grow your business.

Have a blessed day!

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