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Blasting Through Mental Barriers for Peak Performance with Gina Parris

Gina Parris Bulit to Win Coaching

Gina Parris Bulit to Win Coaching

Join me and special guest Gina Parris on the Internet Business Blueprint Podcast Wednesday October 21, 2009 at 1:00 PM EST. We will explore again explore the role mindset plays in achieving success with a special focus on Internet Entrepreneurs.

Gina Parris is a recognized expert in blasting through mental barriers for peak performance. She is the author of the popular book, Flow On Demand -the Athlete’s Edge, which is downloaded nearly every day on the Internet. She also has spoken to hundreds of audiences around the world, receiving praise from both the participants and the promoters.

Her company, Built to Win Coaching, helps athletes, entrepreneurs and market traders excel at their games by teaching them cutting edge techniques for mindset mastery and strategic action.

Both as a speaker and a coach, Gina’s trademarks are her sense of humor and her passion for results. Her clients attest to the effectiveness of her work.

Here’s what some other people are saying:

“Thanks so much Gina. You helped me with the exact problem I was having with the ball. Your message will help me both on and off the field to make great decisions.”

–Adam Anderson, Whitworth University – Spokane Washington (All-American Running Back 2nd Team)

“After working in traditional sports psychology for over 20 years, including full time with the New York Yankees, I can tell you the techniques Gina teaches blow away the results we got from traditional techniques alone.”

-Dr. Tom Hanson, Tampa Bay, Florida

“Gina, after working with you on my mindset and implementing our strategies, I actually tripled my number of listings, tripled my number of closings, and more than tripled my income. Considering the housing market and the media’s portrayal of it, this is simply astonishing!”

-Karen Tibbals, Weichert Realty – Joe Orr and Associates, Tullahoma, TN

Be sure to stop by and participate in the program. Consider this my personal invitation to call in and ask have Gina answer your questions and let us identify and bridge any gaps you may be encountering on your road to building a successful business online.

I am looking forward to sharing Gina’s knowledge and unique coaching style and look forward to seeing you on the podcast.

Have a blessed day!


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