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Beware of the ‘Big Special Deal’ in Network Marketing a Lesson from Eric Worre

I have fallen for ‘The Big Special Deal’ twice… I’m much smarter now.

James Holmes and Eric Worre Los Angeles 2009

It would sound better if I told you that I have made great decisions 100% of the time during my four years in the home-based business industry. But as you know, I am all about keeping things real with you at all times. So, I must confess that I have fallen for the “big deal” twice and I am going to share those stories with you here. Before I do, I want to share a valuable lesson that I learned from my first network marketing mentor Eric Worre.

I entered into network marketing for the first time in 2008 with Agel Enterprises, where I met Eric Worre, Randy Gage, and Randy Schroeder… I know that is quite an impressive field leadership team. Early in my experience I flew to Los Angeles to attend an Agel event hosted by Eric Worre, during his opening comments he made a revealing statement that I remember as if I heard it just yesterday.

So what was the big revelation? Eric said “every time I hear about the ‘big special deal,‘ I know that the end is near.”

I heard what was said but I didn’t really accept it as true, so along my journey over the past four years I have been seduced twice by the tempting and all too good to be true ‘opportunity’ and I want to share my experience with you to help you learn from my mistakes.

Lesson One: The Efujon Confusion?

Efusjon was the first network marketing company who tried to exploit the buzz surrounding Facebook by convincing thousands of eager marketers that Efusjon had an inside track to Mark Zuckerburg based on a college association with a guy named Derek Broes. You can read all about it here, but lets just say their story was 50% fabrication and 50% extreme hype. Efusjon built a false story around a charismatic personality in Broes and people joined by the tens of thousands because Facebook represented the ‘big special deal’… the concept never got off the ground and the company closed it’s doors. Scam exposed, end of story.

What seduced me? I was seduced by the Facebook part of the story. Being someone who has build a large part of my business leveraging social media, I knew the potential… if the claims being made were true, throw in the promise of massive viral recruiting and I was in.

What did I learn? Always conduct due diligence and although you should trust credible sources, always verify what is represented is true by uncovering the facts. By doing this you will make sound decisions based on fact and not emotion, which is how all business and investment decisions should be made. If a company makes recruiting and income promises based on an event or mechanism, if they make it seem that all you have to do is “get in”… if you don’t have to do any work, it will likely never come to pass and you are just going to be used as a cog in the mechanism for those at the top. Sorry, that is the simple truth.

Who do I blame? Only myself… I am a seasoned business owner and not very good at the blame game. I made an error in judgement, luckily I hadn’t brought a large number of people into the program, so no real damage was done. Sharing my lesson here makes it worth the experience.

Lesson Two: WowWe and the Water Fall Fantasy

After the experience at Efujon I decided to focus on direct sales and affiliate marketing because I needed a break from traditional network marketing. Whenever someone approached me during this period I would simply say, “I have too much psychic damage to consider another MLM right now.” believe it or not that usually ended the conversation. Then along came WowWe.

What seduced me? I liked WowWe because I saw a practical use for the product in my business. In addition to an attractive product, they had a very compelling story to share. An established company with more than one-hundred thousand paying customers, now creating a network marketing business model for the first time resulting in the ‘water fall’ effect… a fancy way of saying spillover.  The best part of the pitch promised that if you get in now, you would be the beneficiary of this  “waterfall’ of established customers to fill your matrix. How? All of the early distributors would have their personal business matrix filled by virtue of spillover from the transfer of more than 65,000 customers to the matrix.

The similarities between Efujon and WowWe are striking in hindsight. In the case of the ladder, they built a story around a one-time event… the transfer of more than 65,000 paying customers into a forced matrix… the forced matrix was also part of Efujon. It makes it seem like a can’t miss opportunity. In addition, the message was carried by the fairly charismatic and seemingly sincere Bill Starlkey, Founder and CEO of the company. Regardless of the dozens of excuses and denials, the bottom line is they didn’t do what they promised… not even close.

What Did I learned? In many ways the jury is still out on WowWe and regardless if they make it or not, the truth is that the launch of this company as an MLM was deceptive and unfortunate because it is now part of their legacy. I do believe they offer a sound product, so perhaps the company will learn from their mistakes and do what is required to build a company with integrity. I made a little bit of money there, so I am pulling for them to make it although it will have to be without me.

Who do I blame? Yep, it’s me again, the guy in the mirror. I built WowWe fast based on the fantasy by personally enrolling fifteen leaders which grew to approximately 240 in our group in just a few weeks. On this one I have to say I put my neck out a bit more, which makes it harder to swallow. The saving grace is that everyone who did recruit made money, so their efforts were rewarded. Everyone and I do mean everyone shares in my disappointment and I think we all feel a little duped. Lesson learned.

What is my point… why am I dragging these skeletons out of the closet?

I am in this business to help people create real businesses to create a sustainable income online, that is my passion, it is in part my why! Everyday, I speak to people who have fallen for the ‘deal’ and are looking for legitimate opportunities to change their lives through a home business. I think it helps when someone who is successful is willing to say… this is what I have done, this is what has happened to me. And more importantly, that you can overcome any temporary setback and still enjoy success and make your dreams come true.

Final thoughts

I am a fan of network marketing… it works if you go to work. My advice is to be cautious, trust but verify every representation made by your recruiter and most importantly make your decisions based on sound business principles. It is easy to be seduced by the allure of the deal, if the deal is real it will withstand your scrutiny.

Approach network marketing with an open mind and once you have found a company that you believe to be the right vehicle for you, commit to do the work required to achieve success by following the system and helping others succeed and you too will achieve your goals.

I am here to help you succeed and fulfill my purpose; to sow increase into the lives of others by co-creating wealth and abundance.

Have a blessed day!

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  • Elysse curry

    James you hit a home run here! I like you have sipped the funny juice which has left a bitter after taste. Fortunately old events has passed away and the future looks bright with with a shift in focus.
    Thank you for your transparency. I hope it will inspire others to think as emotion usually trumps intellect.


  • JamesHolmesOnline

    Elysse – Thank you for your taking the time to read my post and comment. I consider you an expert in the process of evaluating home business opportunities and I often recommend your book “How to Find the Real Deal Without Getting the Raw Deal” as it will save the reader much frustration and lead to better decisions. It is often the case that the most successful entrepreneurs take an ill advised turn or two on their journey to achieving success… the key is to move forward smarter and evermore determined to find the real deal!