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Guest Post: Why You’ll Love AWeber’s New Web Form Generator

I have been both a client and paid affiliate of AWeber for more than two years. Aweber is in my opinion is the best autoreponder for the needs of the broadest number of Internet marketers. The links contained in this post are my personal affiliate links and they provide you with a $1 trail to the AWeber service suite.

I like to share relevant post to introduce new resources and strategies to add value and help you succeed online. Today, I am pleased to introduce you to this excellent post by Justin Premick from Aweber in addition to a video that will allow you to see the power of AWebers new tool set. Please be sure to leave a comment and let me know if this provided vale for you.

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Posted by Justin Premick

“New Web Form Generator? But AWeber already has a web form generator…”

Sure we do. And it’s helped marketers create hundreds of thousands of opt-in forms that you’ll find on websites in countless industries.

At the time we released it, the web form tool was cutting edge, and it’s stood up well over time.

But it wasn’t perfect.

It didn’t output the prettiest HTML. And while you could certainly customize that HTML to fit the look of your website, you had to do so outside of AWeber, rather than styling it before you got the form HTML, and you had to do so without any templates.

We knew we could create something better. So we did.

To prove it, here’s a video, and a list of reasons why you’re going to love our new Web Form Generator.

Web Form Templates

You may not be a web designer, but you still want a web form that looks like it was made by one.

So we’re launching the new Web Form Generator with a slew of templates to help you build great-looking forms with one click of your mouse. Currently there are about 25 template “families,” each available in a variety of colors and styles (and we’ll keep adding more).

Advanced Design Tools

Want to customize a template to make it yours? Or build your own one-of-a-kind stylish opt-in form from scratch?

The new Web Form Generator gives you the same sort of powerful design customization that you’d typically find in web design software.

You’ll drag and drop. You’ll point and click. You’ll have complete control over the feel of your forms, and you’ll make better-looking ones than ever before.

Better Popover and Lightbox Animation

Do you use “hover” style forms (like our lightbox ones) to grab visitors’ attention and lift your opt-ins?

You’ll love the updated animations used for these new forms; we’ve ditched the Windows95-looking blue bars at the top and smoothed out the fading and sliding motions.

Dynamic Thank You Pages

Want to use video on your thank you pages to increase confirmed opt-ins, but don’t have the time or equipment to make it happen?

Use our video thank you pages to provide precise instructions to each new subscriber on how to confirm.

We’ll even show them exactly what your confirm email looks like in their specific email program (Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, Mac Mail, etc).

- End -

Are You Ready to Try AWeber? Aweber $1 Trial

Until now, you had to be a bit of a designer to create high level custom capture forms within AWeber. As the video attest, things have changed and I could not be more pleased. I have previously discussed the importance of building a list using a premium autoresponder service – it is the worst place to try to get by with a free service. I recommend that you take AWeber for a test drive and continue to focus on creating traffic that results in opt in subscribers to your list.

I wish for you every blessing on your journey to Internet business mastery.


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