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A Willingness To Be Coached

Creating success in network marketing often requires one to learn new skills and broaden ones understanding of mindset and human behavior. The rewards are substantial as the industry will pay you more as you develop your skills and help others succeed. One of the many wonderful things about our profession is the fact that everyone starts with a clean slate and equal opportunity to grow their knowledge, create wealth, and time freedom – regardless of past experience, accomplishments, successes and failures.

Possessing an open mind and a willingness to be coached is essential to learning the skills required to build a large organization by creating duplication within your team. As you emerge to a position of leadership within your team you must transfer what you have learned to others and teach them to do the same. Recognizing three core mindsets that exist among most everyone you enroll will help you to determine who is coach able and how to manage those who are not.

Here are three core mindsets:

Get Rich Quick – Approximately 70% of individuals who enter the industry. They are short term thinkers and will not invest the time or energy required to be successful unless they see an immediate return or instant riches. They become MLM gamers jumping from program to program typically expecting something big with very little effort.

Alpha Type – Approximately 3% of individuals who enter the industry. If you can coach them effectively, they can become superstar players on your team because they have amazing posture, strong mindset, commitment to excellence and a burning desire to win. These are mega personalities; however, the downside is that their efforts are not duplicable, they may not follow the system and may attempt to recreate the system.

True Blue – Approximately 27% of individuals who enter the industry. If you build a team of true blue team members they will become the heart and sole of your organization, these are the people you should seek to attract to your team. These individuals are dedicated to the cause, part-time in the business and desire to earn a few thousand dollars a month, they are honest and hard working. This is also where you find loyal customers for your products and services; many in this category may see the business opportunity as secondary in favor of the product or serves, which is essential to creating loyal customers resulting in long term residual income.

As you build a large organization you will encounter all three types of team members, which cannot be avoided and should therefore be embraced. Seek first to be coached and then share your new found knowledge with your team. Recognize that your stars may arise from each mindset group depending upon what they are willing to learn and apply to their business. It is important not to prejudge what a person will achieve in our profession and to recognize that who they become is more important than who they are at the time you enroll them into your team.

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  • Tatyana Gann

    Hey James

    I agree about types of people but I also believe not everyone is born for network marketing industry.
    Not everyone has to have a home business. Having excellent career that we all love is awesome like being a doctor, a teacher.

    It is about willingness as you say to be coached. That is the key.