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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Leverage 20K Site Visitors in 30 Days with Viral Ad Exchanges

20K Site Visitors in 30 Days (E-Book Online Edition)

A Simple Free or Low Cost Strategy That Works!

Presented By

James Holmes


The publisher has made every effort to be as accurate and complete as possible in this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet.

While all attempts have been made to verify information in this report, the publisher accepts no responsibility for errors, omissions or contrary interpretation of the subject matter within. Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples or organizations are unintentional.

This book is a step by step guide to generating free traffic. In practical advice books like this there is no guarantee of results, traffic or income. Readers are cautioned to rely on their own judgment about their individual circumstances and abilities to act accordingly.

This book is not intended to be used as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial advice. All readers are encouraged to seek services of competent professionals in the legal, business, accounting and financial fields.


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Any slights of people or organizations are unintentional and the development of this report is bona fide. The producer and marketer have no intention whatsoever to convey any idea affecting the reputation of any person or business enterprise. The trademarks, screen-shots, website links, products and services mentioned in this report are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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About James Holmes

I am a full-time Internet marketer having re-created myself after a very successful 26 year career in the real estate and mortgage banking industry. I was an early adopter online using websites to promote my businesses, but I did not enter into the “make money online” niche until September 9, 2008 when I joined my current primary business – yes, I am still building that business after more than 2 years.

My passion has always been educating and helping others through collaboration and levering the power of a mastermind – a group of like-minded people engaged in creating success together. This is how I approached my real estate businesses and how I approach Internet Marketing.

I first became aware of the author Robert Allen as an expert in real estate through his bestselling book “Multiple Income Streams” and have always created multiple income streams. I do not understand why anyone would ignore the power of multiple and reoccurring income streams. I show people how to duplicate this as part of my work helping others achieve success online.
My personal mission statement is:

“To sow increase into the lives of others by co-creating wealth and abundance.”

I accomplish this by first addressing the proper mindset to attract success and I then structure multiple sales funnels and funded proposal systems to generate multiple income streams. I am here to help you succeed and utilize automated funnels to provide unstoppable traffic and multiple income streams.

I invite you to take a close look at this website as a resource and me as a mentor. I will partner with you with a singular objective of helping you succeed by co-creating your abundant life. Thank you for visiting my site and please feel free to contact me directly.
I am here to help you succeed!

20K Site Visitors in 30 Days Leveraging Advertising Exchanges

I have used advertising exchanges successfully for more than three years and what you are about to learn is a free or low cost strategy that will allow you to build a list, promote your brand and grow whatever business or business you are presently promoting online.


There are three ways to consistently drive traffic to your websites, mini-sites and blogs; you can buy it (Google Ads, Pay Per Click, Traditional Paid Advertising, etc.), you can develop it organically (social media networking, e-zine marketing, article marketing, newsletter marketing, and blogging, etc.) or you can exchange time for traffic by joining online exchanges and participating in traffic communities by agreeing to view the ads and emails of other members in exchange for the community reading yours. This is a great way to get free traffic and build your list.

Myth #1. “Advertising Exchanges are a waste of time.”

This is the same formula I use to receive thousands of visitors every week to my websites, blogs, lead capture pages (squeeze pages), sales letters, banners, and viral links, which convert to opt-ins and sales. If you follow my three step formula you will be able to build your brand, grow your list, and flood the Internet with your marketing messages 24 hours each day.

Important Note

As you sign-up for your free accounts at the sites recommended in this book, you will be asked to provide a user name. Your “User Name” is the name that will appear in your affiliate link, keep in mind that whatever you chose will appear in your referral link, so be sure to make it relevant and the name you want – this can be your name or another word or phrase.

There are three categories of websites that we will discuss in this book. Traffic Exchanges, Safelist and Viral Mailers are the three core types of sites that are provide the platform for my Ad Exchange strategy. Another effective category of ad exchanges are Text Ad Exchanges and I have added two special bonuses at the end of the book to allow you to test this type of exchange.

These Sites are Free to Join but You Should Consider the Paid Membership Levels

These sites are free to join and most of them provide a ‘Special One Time Offer’ to upgrade your membership allowing you to advertise more often and to more list members; don’t sell yourself short and select a couple of sites from each category to join, most upgrades are offered for less than $10 per month and allow you to be far more effective than free members.

Chapter One: Time Saving Tools

Branding and Campaign Management Tools

Sign Up for Your Paid Memberships through the One Time Offer for these Four Sites

Before you get started there are a few basic tools you should consider using which will allow you to organize your credits, manage your advertising campaigns, track your clicks and conversions as well as build referral downlines within each of the traffic sites resulting in more adverting credits, conversions and referral commissions.

Affiliate Funnel, TE Tool Box, TE Command Post and Viral Mail Profits provide a unique set of tools that when combined provide you with everything you need to manage successful text ad exchange campaigns. Both sites are free to join and offer special ** one-time offers for upgraded memberships that should be seriously considered. I am upgraded in both programs and have found that the added member benefits far outweigh the associated cost.

There are four sites in my formula that I recommend you join for free and upgrade to a paid membership. You can upgrade from a free to a paid membership when the one-time offer is displayed once when you log into your new account the first time. These two sites provide exceptional value and are critical to your ability to successfully manage and promote your brand, websites, banners and text ads using the formula.
If you cannot afford the one-time offer, you can select the option to pay monthly in order to reduce your expenses.

** One-Time Offers are made at the time of your initial sign-up or the first time you log into your new confirmed account.

Site #1 Affiliate Funnel

Affiliate Funnel is a management and traffic system marketing tool that allows you to promote your affiliate links for up to 20 traffic exchanges, 23 safe list, more than 30 down-line builders, 6 income programs of your choice, and automatic inclusion in Affiliate funnel’s pre-selected affiliate programs.

In addition to the marketing benefits the Affiliate Funnel system also includes live training webinars, an archive of recordings of past trainings, and a member’s support forum. You will also receive complete set of promotional tools to help you recruit new members to the system which pays up to a 40% commission of $26.80 per enrolled and upgraded member.

Affiliate funnel is a viral self funded proposal system for traffic exchanges and safe List that I recommend joining as a Gold Level member.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Affiliate Funnel

Once you have joined be sure to download this free e-book: Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Funnel

Site #2 TE Tools Box

TE Tool Box is an amazing yet simple to use toolset to organize, track and manage all of your marketing campaigns used on Traffic Exchanges and other online channels. It is critical to split test and review conversion rates for your campaign in order to identify the winners and retire the losers in order to maximize your marketing efforts. TE Toolbox allows you to do this very effectively.

The features of the system are as follows:

Website Rotators – You can create up to 10 rotators and display up to 100 websites as an upgraded member. This is a web based system that automatically rotates the display of your squeeze pages and affiliate sites by posting one link on each traffic exchange. In addition the system tracks all the statistics you will need to determine which sites are delivering results.

Banner Rotator – You can create up to 10 rotators and display up to 100 banners as an upgraded member. This is a web based system that automatically rotates the display of your banners on each traffic exchange. In addition the system tracks all the statistics you will need to determine which sites are delivering results.

Thank You Ad Rotator – This rotator will allow you to post ads on websites you own. You can rotate all of your onsite ads by installing a tiny piece of code on your site.

The system also includes complete statistics, link tracking, media hosting, and a squeeze page builder. In addition you also receive a downline builder for your traffic exchange sites and a complete set of affiliate promotional tools to help you make referral sales which will pay you a commission for every upgraded member you refer.

TE Toolbox is a must have tool if you are serious about driving traffic, building a list and making sales utilizing ad exchanges. I recommend signing up and accepting the one time offer to upgrade to a Platinum membership.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: TE Tool Box

**TIP – When setting up your website links, banner ads and text links, be sure to test a number of landing pages and specific website pages to see which create the largest number of opt ins and signups for your list and programs. Track your results and make adjustments using the tracking features included with your TE Tool Box account.

Site #3 TE Command Post

TE Command Post is a new resource which allows you to manage all of your traffic exchange accounts – it is a real time saver! I recommend this membership because it will allow you to index all of our traffic exchange account data, track your credit balances, review your assigned campaigns, build a downline using their affiliate tools, manage banner ads, manage text ads, notifications of credit assignment action required on your accounts, banner and text ads rotated for life.

The “old school” method for managing your traffic exchange account meant that you had to log into each individual account several times per month and keep track of your credit balances and campaigns. The “new school” approach is automation using tools like TE Command Post.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: TE Command Post


Site #4 Viral Mail Profits

Viral Mail Profits is more than two years old and has completed the next phase of development with some major new features that make it an even more powerful tool to help you save time and make more money .

I have found Paul and Troy to be among the most innovative developers of tools and resources and simply stated, Viral Mail Profits is AWESOME!

Here are a few of the key features that have motivated me to strongly endorse this resource. I call this my list of top 5 reasons you should sign up today and start leveraging your time and maximizing the return on your efforts.

#1. Vial Mail Profits Allows you to organize your Safelist, Viral Mailers, and Downline Builder accounts.
#2. Viral Mail Profits Allows you to manage your mailing schedules – never miss another mailing!
#3. Viral Mail Profits Allows you to track your credits – everything is in one location.
#4. Viral Mail Profits Allows you to conduct your mailing from one admin panel – this saves you Time.
#5. Viral Mail Profits Frees you from the need to log into multiple sites manually – This is Huge!

Click Here to Review and Join: Viral Mail Profits Free Offer

There is something else that is truly new and sets Viral Mail Profits apart from the rest, it’s called the “Direct Feedback Mailer,” and it is the first of it’s kind. The Direct Feedback Mailer is a credit based viral-mailer that builds a list almost on auto-pilot and it is completely free. The system is created to reward people to actually read your emails – imagine that.

If you like making semi-passive residual commissions, there are really great benefits for you as well.

** Email at least 1,000 Prospects Every 5 days
** Email more prospects with a 3 level downline bonus
** 200 Free Mailing Credits monthly plus
** up to 50% commissions
** 200 Mailing Credits for joining too!

Paul and Troy have done a great job taking what was already a great time saving resource and making it a can’t miss, must join free program that you should take a look at today.

Once you have joined use this promo code: launchhf518 to get started quickly you will receive 500 mailing credits. If this code is no longer valid send me an email and I will get you a new one.

Click Here to Review and Join: Viral Mail Profits Free Offer

Important Note

Your “User Name” is the name that will appear in your affiliate link, so choose something other than your name and keep in mind that whatever you chose will appear in your referral link, so be sure to make it relevant.

By design these methods are very cost effective and highly measurable if applied using the tools recommended in this book. Follow this system step by step, invest the comparatively small amount of money to gain access to the tools that you will need and upgrade your membership in the sites as recommended.

Guru Tip: Reinvest a small portion of your referral commissions that you receive from each exchange back into that membership in order to leverage your results. You can purchase an upgrade or a bulk advertising credit package at each exchange.

Chapter Two: Traffic Exchanges

Myth Busted #2 “You have to spend all day surfing on Traffic Exchanges to get hits.”

What is a traffic exchange? Traffic exchanges are membership website where the membership community displays their individual web pages to market products, services or to build their list. In addition to marketing to the other members, you also view the web sites of the other members of the community – hence the meaning behind traffic exchange.

Earning credit for surfing member websites in exchange for traffic to your websites:

Sign up for each of the following ten Traffic Exchange Sites using the links provided.

*Click on the banner first. Only click on the list name if the hyperlink does not work.
**Be sure to carefully review my ‘Surfing Power Hour’ strategy noted at the end of this section.

There are three ways to successfully market using traffic exchanges as follows:

Option 1: Surf for Hits (Free Method)

When I first began using traffic exchanges I exclusively surfed for hits to my website and affiliate offers. Although this was very time consuming, the method I used (as explained later in this report) allowed me to surf passively and although surfing for hits is not ideal, it can help you drive traffic by exchanging time in place of money – this is ideal if your budget is zero!

Option 2: Purchase Hits (Paid Method)

My big breakthrough to earning consistent income with traffic derived from traffic exchanges came when I started selectively paying for hits and upgrading my accounts. Not all traffic exchanges are created equally and they certainly all do not produce results, some exchanges have a more responsive membership than others and learning which sites to invest your time and money is one of the keys to having success with this pillar of marketing.

There are two primary ways to pay for hits though the exchanges I recommend. First, you can purchase a monthly or annual subscription that entitles you to a fixed number of hits per month within a package that includes banner impressions and text ads as part of your subscription.

Traffic exchange subscriptions are among the least expensive forms of traffic you can buy and although the hit to conversion rates are not on the level of pay per click, the ROI is more than acceptable and I recommend doing this on a limited number of sites.

The second option is to purchase a package of advertising credits as a free member of these sites. A recent example from S.W.A.T. Traffic provided 750 hits, 1,000 banner impressions and 1,000 text ads monthly for $6.97 on a subscription. Obviously a fantastic deal and very inexpensive traffic especially if you can create opt-in subscribers and convert sales daily.

Option 3: Combine Surfing for Credits and Purchasing Credits

Combining surfing and selectively purchasing credits is the method that will allow you to maximize traffic exchanges and create consistent traffic inexpensively. My recommendation is to select 3-5 exchanges that you like and accept the special offer upon signing up or upgrade your account from your members back office as soon as feasible . Then you will be able to obtain a guaranteed number of hits from those sites without investing the time surfing there.

I would then utilize the remaining sites that you have joined as a free member and follow my ‘Surfing Power Hour’ method as described to semi-passively surf for credits. This will provide you with an optimum experience and further leverage your traffic generation through the exchanges.

There are ten sites in my formula that I recommend you accept the ‘Special One Time Offer” to Upgrade from a free to a paid account displayed once when you log into your new account the first time. These five sites provide exceptional value and are critical to your ability to successfully manage and promote your email, websites, banners and links using my formula.

** One-Time Offers are made at the time of your initial sign-up or the first time you log into your new confirmed account.

This system works and it is free! Use this to drive traffic to your websites every day, measure your results and make adjustments as needed. Be sure to promote your affiliate links for each site so that you consistently earn bonus credits and in many cases affiliate commissions for referring others to your chosen traffic websites. This is a powerful system that will help you build your business.

If you apply this formula consistently for the next twelve months, I am certain that you will grow a large opt-in list, create numerous sales, and experience a high return on your investment of money and most importantly your time.

Note: There are twenty sites featured in Affiliate Funnel. A few of the sites listed here are not shown in Affiliate Funnel, I am featuring ten sites here and strongly recommend that you join these sites in addition to those in Affiliate Funnel after you fully set up these recommended sites.

Recommended Traffic Exchanges

Sign Up for Your Free Traffic Exchange Memberships and add them to Your ‘Affiliate Funnel’

Site #1. Easy Hits 4U

Easy Hits 4U is the king of traffic exchanges according to many of the ranking site including Affiliate Funnel – you will note that it is ranked #1 there. They have a regular monthly Premium Membership that is on par with many one- time offer promotions. I am recommending that you sign up for an upgraded membership because there are several advantages that will provide you with tremendous results.

Easy Hits 4U provides low cost upgraded membership level, six level down-line for referral commission payments (great passive income), a unique link directory for your sites and a ton more. I like the members back office navigation and the splash page rotator and among the most extensive promo tools library to help you make referral sales.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: EasyHits4U

Site #2. S.W.A.T. Traffic

S.W.A.T. Traffic is an uncomplicated site that offers a number high value tools including tutorials, tell a friend script and a member’s forum. This is a high quality membership site that is fairly new on the scene, so you might have a bit of an advantage if growing a down-line of S.W.A.T. Traffic referral sign ups is important to you.

S.W.A.T. Traffic is an established exchange that I acquired in September 2010 and we serve over 24,000 members and we are growing at a pace of 15 to 25 new members everyday!

James Holmes is the owner of S.W.A.T. Traffic Exchange

Click Here to Learn More and Join: S.W.A.T. Traffic

Site #3. StartXchange

StartXchange is owned by Tim Linden the owner of TE Toolbox and I have to say that he has created a very affective traffic getting exchange. This exchange holds my top recommendation.

Platinum members get a 1:1 surfing ration, 500 hits and 30,000 banner impressions per month, also 20% commissions when their referrals upgrade to a paid membership.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: StartXchange

Site #4. Tezak Traffic Power

Tezak Traffic Power is a new exchange that has exploded onto the scene because of numerous new and dynamic features. Because I have not had an opportunity to test this site for measured conversions, I am not yet recommending that you upgrade – this will likely change. Tezak has everything you would expect of a top traffic exchange.

Here are a few of the features; a new and unique surf bar with the valuable bonuses, a Winners Module that issues prizes on a consistent basis, eleven specific methods to drive traffic to your sites.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Tezak Traffic Power

Site #5. Traffic-Splash

Traffic Splash is a favorite among many top surfers and traffic exchange owners. This is a top ranked site in Affiliate Funnel and it should be among the sites that you use in your ‘Power Hour Pros – High value special offers to purchase hits outside of a monthly subscription, so if you are running a special promotion this site will come in handy! Cons – No complaints this is a very solid site.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Traffic-Splash

Site #6. ThumbVu

ThumbVu is among the new breed of traffic exchanges. The site was founded in January 2010 and feature complete social media integration, a unique “thumb” preview menu which allows surfers to choose the site they want to see next. There are many more features the make this an easy choice to add as one of my top recommendations.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: ThumbVu

Site #7. Boot Scootin Traffic

Boot Scootin Traffic is a very popular site developed on the most advanced script available. You know how they say everything’s bigger in Texas? Well it is true for this exchange too! If you want BIG results without paying a big price and more features then most traffic exchanges online.

BootScootin Traffic provides you with high quality traffic and service that’s better than your average traffic exchange and we have all the features to prove that we are an excellent choice for advertising your site. Boot Scootin Traffic is Owned by James Holmes

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Boot Scootin Traffic

Site #8. Hits Booster Pro

Hits Booster Pro provides all new members with a 7 day New Member Platinum Upgrade. Accounts are upgraded automatically when you first log in. You will also receive a signup bonus of 500 credits, which will be added automatically once you have surfed 25 sites.

The annual Gold membership may represent the best value for your dollar not only because it averages out to about $2 per month, it also provides enough credits to allow you to effectively promote your ads to their loyal members.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Hits Booster Pro

Site #9. Hit2Hit Exchange

Hit2Hit is a very non-assuming exchange, no fancy theme or advanced features, but the results that Hit2Hit delivers speak for themselves. The members love the surf experience and the upgrade is a very good value.

Hit2Hits enjoys a consistent top 10 ranking in all of the traffic exchange tracking and rating services I subscribe to and their customer service is very responsive to all inquiries.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Hit2Hit

Site #10. TrafficWitch

Traffic Witch utilizes a custom built Click and Surf System you earn Traffic every time you visit another member’s webpage, Plus you earn free website traffic from your own referral’s surfing as well. Each time they surf to earn free web traffic you will automatically earn free traffic too. The more members you refer, the more free traffic and commission you earn.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: TrafficWitch

A few final thoughts on Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges are simply one optional pillar of marketing; you should use a number of diverse methods (pillars) to drive traffic to your websites, sales letters and opt in pages. There are no silver bullets when it comes to Internet marketing and creating multiple streams of income. If you execute on this strategy with consistency you will drive targeted traffic to your campaigns.

Focus on growing your brand and building your opt-in list as a first priority. Once you have mastered these two core objectives, you will be able to convert sales using your marketing systems, back-end offers, and auto responder campaigns.

How to Advertise in Traffic Exchanges

It’s Time to Advertise

Ok, you now have everything you need to execute on my Ad Exchange Formula for Traffic Exchanges and when you follow these steps you will be on your way to generating traffic.

First, you will need to go into TE Tool Box and create tracing links for each of the websites that you will be promoting. Setting up your tracking links will allow you to cloak your affiliate links and track the hits, clicks, and conversions throughout your ad campaigns.

Refer to the ‘Users Manual” found under the ‘Help Tab’ in the members area of your affiliate funnel account. Take the time to read how to set up and use URL Rotators and Banner Rotators and be sure to put both to full use in order to make changing your campaigns across all ten exchanges a simple process. When you update your rotators, all of your campaigns are updated across all of your traffic exchanges!

Next it is time to add your links to the member’s area of each of the ten exchanges and assign credits to display your campaigns. You can automate this process by ‘Auto-Assigning’ from 50% to 100% of your advertising credits.

Surfing Power Hour: A Method to Increase Your Surfing Effectiveness

This is a daily practice design to add thousand of credits to your traffic exchange accounts every month and it works like a charm every time.

Complete the follow steps once you have signed up for each traffic exchange account.

1. Open a brand window in your web-browser

2. Open a new tab for five traffic exchange sites and log in to each account (be sure to select yes for your browser to remember your user name and password

3. Bookmark ‘All Tabs’ so that you can return to this set of tabs each day to surf – pick a name for the bookmark group like ‘Power Hour 1’ then repeat this process with a second set of five sites – this way you include each of the 10 sites recommended in this report. Bookmark this set of tabs by labeling them ‘Power Hour 2’

4. Be sure to prioritize these sites in the same order as my formula because those are set an order of my ranking.

5. Frequently, (I recommend once per day) open the first set of tabs bookmarked ‘Power Hour 1’ and for thirty minutes surf through the each site, tab to tab cycling through confirming each site by selecting the appropriate icon and moving on to the next site. Once you have surfed repeatedly through the first set of tabs, simply repeat the process for the second set. At the end of your hour you will have added massive amounts of credits to all twenty accounts and your pages will continue to be seen throughout the month.

Credits are awarded when the presenting websites appear on your browser for a prescribed period of time typically 5-10 seconds (this varies by traffic site guidelines). Once the website has been displayed for the prescribed period of time you are awarded points. You must take an action such as clicking on a specified color or matching a small icon located at the top or bottom of the search frame (this also varies by site). Once you take the required action your account is credited and those credits convert to exposures for you websites and links on the traffic system.

Massive amounts of traffic can be generated by surfing one hour EVERY DAY opening both bookmarked windows and simply rotating through the tabs in sequence. Start at first tab and click through each 1-5 returning to the first tab and repeating the process.

**Please note that the “Terms of Service” which govern all advertising exchanges prohibit “gaming the system,” which is not endorsed by me or my 20K in 30 Days system.

Recommended Training for Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchange How to Guides

• Scott Douglas’ TE Profits: Free Access
• Tony Tezak’s Traffic Exchange Solutions: Free Access

Traffic Exchange Video Training

• Robert Puddy’s Hidden Traffic Formula: Free Access

Traffic Exchange List Building Training

• John Guanzon’s TE List Building: Free Access

Be sure to Listen to the following audio recordings from the Internet Business Blueprint podcast

• Listen Here: Do Free Traffic Exchange Work?



• AWeber: Free 14 Day Trial

• Traffic Wave: Free 30 Day Trial

Chapter Three: Safelist Exchanges

What is a Safe list?

A safe list is a membership mailing list with individuals who have double opted in to receive email advertisements from fellow members of the subscribed membership list. This is a reciprocal marketing model where members agree to receive messages in exchange for advertising (mailing) credits. Members viewing fellow members email messages receive advertising credits, which allows you to post your marketing email messages to the other members.

The safe list by definition does not send email to address outside of the safe list membership. Marketing to safe list is not spam because every safe list member has opted in and confirmed their desire to receive email as a part of their membership. Note that most sites offer upgrade options that eliminate the need for you to received member email to receive mailing credits.

*Click on the hyperlink first. Only click on the list name if the hyperlink does not work.

**These are not listed in a specific order

A Word of CAUTION:

Do not fall into a Time Trap or Money Pit by becoming addicted to all of the offers you are going to be exposed to, remember why you joined these services, to generate traffic and build your list. Carefully evaluate offers and sites that appeal to you, but be selective when making a purchase. Remain laser focused on your objectives.

You will be required to provide a valid email address where other list members can send their ads and messages for your review. This is a free exchange community and you are required to receive other member’s email messages. Be sure to setup your free email accounts with

Google (Yahoo is not as reliable for marketing email delivery) specifically to manage your traffic accounts. You will need two accounts, one for administration and one for receiving messages.

DO NOT USE YOUR PRIMARY or desk top based email account (Outlook and Others) for member’s email and Solo Ads. You will be receiving thousands of emails per week.

Be sure to set up your website links and banners as you sign up for each site. Also note your referral URL for each affiliate program so that you earn cash or ad credits when someone joins the community by following your affiliate link .
Sign up for Your Free Safe List Memberships and Add Them to Your ‘Affiliate Funnel’ Safe List, Email Marketing, Solo Ads, Banner

Advertising and Link Exchanges: Sign up for each of these FREE Traffic Sites using the following links provided.

**TIP – Use the same user name and password for every site

Recommended Safelist

Sign Up for Your Free Safelist Memberships and add them to Your ‘Affiliate Funnel’

Site #1. List Joe

List Joe in my opinion and that of many other top marketers, List Joe is the best Safe List email marketing system available. I have a Gold level membership and there are more benefits to access in this system than any other.
Through this system you can market and build multiple subscriber lists through a variety of tools and build multiple list builders recommended in the back office. This is a serious list building site for serious marketers and if it came down to you only subscribing to one safe list – this should be it.

The membership upgrades are well worth the financial investment – however, marketers on a strict budget might struggle to join at the highest level of membership.
However, this is a case where you really do get what you pay for.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: List Joe

Site #2. List Building Maximizer

List Building Maximizer is a very easy to use and effective safelist. If you want more targeted traffic and people looking for online products and services visiting your website every month then List Building Maximizer is an excellent safelist to join.
I highly recommend List Building Maximizer and it also converts well if you wish to promote the site for affiliate commissions. The site provides a great platform to promote your website, build your list and extend your brand.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: List Building Maximizer

Site #3. Downline Builder Direct

Downline Builder Direct is another great safelist that produces consistent results for me. The site is owned by the same people who run List Building Maximizer and they have figured out how to maintain an active membership base. The site is easy to use and the upgraded membership represents a good value.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Downline Builder Direct

Site #4. Safelist Extreme

Safelist Extreme has taken a totally unique approach and represents a big value opportunity for you. The site is owned by Worldprofit and will give you a massive number of advertising credits just for joining. Safelist Extreme has over 11,000 and continues to grow at a very impressive pace and that means new members ready to see your offers.

I recommend that you take advantage of Safelist Extreme and their free ad credit offer then post your email ads and track your results over time. I am very pleased with the conversions and sales I have made utilizing this site.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Safelist Extreme

Site #5. Elite Safelist

Elite Safelist is owned by Solomon Huey who is a brilliant marketer. This safelist has a fantastic member’s back office that includes training, very solid promotional tools and a downline builder for many of the programs included in my funnel. It will take patience and additional time to set-up the downline builder – but it is worth it!

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Elite Safelist

Site #6. Viral Ad Store

Viral Ad Store is a brand new list builder from Mike Purvis and Greg Hickman. This is another great site that produces results everytime I send email.

The site has a number of features for the members including:

* Mail your downline 10 levels deep
* Earn bonus credits for viewing ads and referring new members.
* Spend credits in the online store on advertising or real IM products.
* The Jackpot Email – This one is really neat! Find the daily Jackpot

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Viral Ad Store

Site #7. Ad Troopers

Ad Troopers has always worked for me and with the recent improvement made by Rick Katz the site owner, I expect even greater conversions for both my mailings and banner ads on the site. The site has been developed on a very solid script and the focus of the site is getting results for it’s members. Ad Troopers is another solid addition to your advertising platform.

Click Here Learn More and Join: Ad Troopers

Site #8. List Auction

The List Auction is the creation of Mike Purvis and although it has been around a while the membership remains very responsive and the site continues to add new members every day.

I use literally dozens of methods to drive traffic to my websites and affiliate promotions. One of the forms of traffic that I used to put at the back of the line was list building programs combined with a safelist mailer. Some work better than others and I would securely place The List Auction on my top 10 recommended list.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: The List Auction

Site #9. Viral URL

Viral URL is the creation of Frank Bauer and Colin Klinkert and it is a standard amongst nearly every successful Internet marketer and online network marketer I know. The concept is very powerful; you simply cloak your existing affiliate links and referral links and add them to your library. Then when you promote your websites, blogs and sales pages you use the cloaked link to gain ad credits across the network.

In addition to a great tracking tool Viral URL has a powerful mailer that allows you to send your email ads to other members. There are a variety of advertising resources and tools at your finger tips and the system allows you to expand your marketing reach as your skills improve which is a real bonus.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Viral URL

Site #10. Ultimate Safelist Exchange

Ultimate Safelist Exchange has 11,500 members and is a new list and as a result a “fresh list” and you will get 20,000 instant credits immediately when you join for free. You will be able to display ads, build your list, and gain viral traffic and email to convert sales.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Ultimate Safelist Exchange

Chapter Four: Viral Mailers

What are Viral Mailers?

Viral Mailers are the “new breed” of email safelist. I am working on a crash course for this important category of viral marketing membership site. Check back in the coming days to read my full training and recommendations. In the meantime, go ahead and take a leap of faith and join the following recommended viral mailing sites.

Recommended Viral Mailers

Site #1. The Lead Magnet

The Lead Magnet is a phenomenon and it has remained at the top of the recommended list of Traffic Hoopla for many weeks as I write this report. The site is owned by Stefan Berg and he has dedicated a tremendous amount of time adding video training and other resources to his site.

Among all of the viral mail sites and safelist I use on a weekly basis, The Lead Magnet is by far the most consistent and responsive list when tracking clicks and conversions it is truly an amazingly responsive list! I strongly recommend that you upgrade at this site in order to leverage the great amount of impact from utilizing

Click Here to Learn More and Join: The Lead Magnet

Site #2. Quick List Profits

Quick List Profits has been one of my favorite sites since it launched in the fall of 2010. I like how Kym Robinson has set the site up and the gift feature that allows you to build your list. The conversions for this site are always within the top five of all sites that I use on a regular basis as I track the campaigns that I post there.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Quick List Profits

Site #3. Instant List Empire

Instant List Empire is owned by Guido Nussbaum and as always Guido has created a very effective site that delivers a lot of value for it’s members. Instant List Empire is new, which can be an advantage because a larger percentage of the members are likely active as opposed to some older sites that may have a large number of inactive members.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Instant List Empire

Site #4. List Adventure

List Adventure is owned by Brain Zens and he has done a wonderful job creating a site that will provide great conversion rates as your email gets delivered and read. Based on the same script as several of the sites recommended here, List Adventure is easy to use and it has become one of my favorite viral mail sites.

Click Here to Learn more and Join: List Adventure

Site #5. State of the Art Mailer

State of the Art Mailer is another of the new breed of viral mailer and although it has a steep learning curve to fully maximize your membership – it is worth it!

One of the other unique features at State of the Art Mailer is “Profit Sharing” which allows upgraded members to participate on a profit pool shared among the upgraded members.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: State of the Art Mailer

Site #6. Adchiever

Adchiever is a completely new concept that rewards loyalty which produces very engaged readers for your email promotions. Other viral list builders only reward you with a static amount of mailing credits. Adchiever provides more with bonus mailing credits, bonus login page ads, bonus banner ads, and even free upgrades – with no extra effort!

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Adchiever

Site #7. List Effects

List Effects is another effective viral mail site that also features a “gift” feature that allows members to upload and give away a digital product to the members of the site in exchange for their name and email by opting in to receive your gift – this allows you to build a list of your own!
The site is easy to use, converts really well and is a great choice to market as an affiliate program to earn referral commissions monthly. I really like this site and recommend considering an upgraded membership level to maximize it’s benefits.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: List Effects

Site #8. Instant Profit List

Instant Profit List is the creation of Greg Chadwick who owns a large number of viral advertising sites. The site has over 9000 members and is a very responsive list that should be part of your weekly marketing cycle. If you are interested in promoting ad exchanges as an affiliate this site would be a great choice because it converts very well and you are paid an “instant commission of 100%” on every other sale – paid instantly to your Pay Pal account.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Instant Profit List

Site #9. Ultimate List Generator

Ultimate List Generator has approximately 7000 members as I write this and I have found it to be fairly responsive list and definitely worth adding to the rotation of weekly mailers. You will notice that this and many of the recommended viral mailers are built on the same script, which in no way should been taken as a negative as these mailers have high conversions and you have the benefit of working with the same script and members area at each site.

Click Here to Learn More and join: Ultimate List Generator

Site #10. EZ Profit List

Easy Profit List is another list that I use to generate opt ins and affiliate sales on a weekly bases. Like a couple of the others Easy Profit List utilizes the “gift” feature in the members area, which you can use to provide gifts to build your list and to claim gifts from the other members.

Click Here to Learn More and Join: Easy Profit List

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