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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

New Program Launches Can Be Good… Worldprofit is 18 Years Old Which is Great!

Wrapped up another Friday Worldprofit Bootcamp with George Kosch with a great appreciation for being with Worldprofit since May 2010. As I write this article I have enjoyed real profits for 28 straight months. The company is 18 years old, so it has a proven track record of success. Everyone gets giddy about new launches which I have no problem with, but what I get giddy about is quality and the value of businesses that are built to last.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know I am a HUGE fan of the multiple income streams model and I work to master the model every day. Yes, I want to master the art of creating endless unique income streams.

My advice is that you should focus on one primary business and created automated sales funnels that create multiple congruent income steams to support a diverse and sustainable business.

I joined Worldprofit because it serves as the perfect traffic and lead generation program to support my primary business. Worldprofit is a training, traffic, and lead generation platform designed to help you leverage up any viable business you are building.

I wanted to provide another sneak peek behind the curtain to see a small part of what is available to you when you join me and my mentor-ship program in Worldprofit. In this video George Kosch reveals the core components of our system which evolves with new benefits and features every month. (Click on the Title Link above to read the complete article and watch the video)

James Holmes Offers 7 Steps to Change Your Life

James Holmes has a few questions for you and a simple 7 step plan to change your life. How big is your vision? As you have progressed through your life journey have your goals or life vision expanded or has it become smaller? Have you identified your major life purpose?

This simple video was created to inspire and illustrate milestones anyone can reach between now and 2020 or any date you establish for yourself. You simply have to decide what you truly want out of life, who you want to touch, and the causes you wish to impact as part of your legacy.

Wealth and Power Aren’t Whats Important in Life. Unless You Have Neither!

This morning I read a short interview featuring Richard Gere, one of my favorite actors for what he stands for off screen as much as onscreen. The title of the article is “It’s Only Money… Richard Gere understands that wealth and power aren’t what’s important in life.”

I glanced at the title and agreed with the premise because at a deeper level I believe this is true; however, as I read the article with greater consideration I came to an awareness of what I believe is the whole truth. Wealth and power aren’t whats important in life unless you have neither!

For people who begin each day grateful for another night of shelter, wondering when and where their first meal of the day will come from… money and power are everything regardless if they accept it or not.

As you read this blog post you are likely not as wealthy as Richard Gere (net worth of $45 million) or as destitute as those unfortunate enough to be homeless. Therefore you find yourself somewhere in between and the ways in which money and power influence your life depends on your personal situation and how you have adapted to it. (To read the full article, click on the title link above)