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Free Internet Marketing Training From James Holmes

Yesterday someone ask me if I had a published schedule for the free training I do every week? The answer is that I have a few schedules published but not one that has everything in one place, so I have decided to publish one here. Please be sure to book mark this blog post and join me for expert training on a variety of topics including; viral marketing, multiple income streams, list building, automated sales funnels and more.

Here is the complete schedule for my free training sessions:

Monday 2:00 PM EST S.W.A.T. Conference Room: Internet Business Blueprint

Access Here:

Monday 7:00 PM EST Talk Marketing Now Network: Mega Money List Building

Access Here:

Tuesday 5:00 PM EST Net Learning Academy: Mega Money List Building

Access Here:

Wednesday 8:00 PM EST S.W.A.T. Conference Room: Viral Traffic Network Mastermind

Access Here:

Friday 2:00 PM EST S.W.A.T. Conference Room: One 24 Profits System Training

Access Here:

In addition to the live group training that I do as noted above, I also provide video and audio archives of past trainings along with one on one coaching. Please feel free to contact me for more details about how you can participate in these options.

I am here to help you succeed and conducting live training sessions is one way in which I deliver on my business mission statement:

To sow increase into the lives of others by co-creating wealth and abundance.

Have a blessed day!

The Ultimate Price of Cyber Bullying: The Short Life and Tragic Death of Tyler Clementi (Free eBook)

The case of Tyler Clementi, a freshman at Rutgers University who recently took his own life as a result of a ruthless prank perpetrated on the Internet by his roommate has captured the nation and cause many for the first time to deeply access the impact of words spoken with malice and intent to inflict harm on another person or entity. Tyler Clementi was in fact a victim of “cyber-bullying” and this practice can have a dramatic impact on people, brands, and companies and regardless if the hostel attacks are make at individuals or companies, they are wreck-less and we should all do our part to thwart the intentions of those casting the stones.

As someone who loves the Internet and the freedom that exist to express ideas, share experiences, conduct commerce, and provide value for others; I believe firmly that as with all freedoms comes tremendous responsibility. We must take a stand against cyber-bullying because it threatens every freedom presently enjoyed online and brings harm to innocent people around the world.

The story of Tyler Clemente has impacted me in a variety of ways as a symbol and clarion call to speak out and to encourage that others learn from this tragedy and do the same. Dr. Jeffrey Lant is a mentor and friend and has in many ways lead in the effort to use this innocent as a teaching moment so that Tyler’s death would not be in vain. This has happened in many powerful ways.

I have edited into this book Dr. Lant’s articles on the subject of Tyler Clementi’s death as well as background information sourced from Wikipedia. Also note that in the section titled “Who is Tyler Clementi (Background)” I have provided access to a special podcast interview with Dr. Lant on this important topic.

Access Your Instant Free Download of the e-Book Here:

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Multiple Streams of Income Model Explained (Free Video)

I recently presented an extensive training on my One 24 Profits ‘Multiple Income Streams’ model as a guest trainer for the webinar series hosted by Kay Brasher… it is a great community and event. Kay has done a great job attracting many of the top trainers in online marketing and the series has experienced tremendous growth in popularity.

I wanted to share a recording of the video and audio of this training session. If you have been trying to make real money online and have struggled to figure out how so many people are having success using systems, this webinar will be a true eye opener.

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Empower Network Review & Exclusive Live Webcast

Do you enjoy hearing real life stories about the underdog who was able to overcome obstacles to achieve success and forever change their lives and the lives of others? We often hear these types of stories but rarely do we get to actually meet the people and even rarer actually getting to know them when they were at the bottom or being able to join in their eventual success.

I have had the great fortune to know such a person and even better, I want to introduce you to his story and share what he is doing now… you can join him on the journey.

I met David Wood almost four years ago… in the fall of 2008. At the time he was desperate (self described) to make it in the home based business industry, specifically network marketing and he was in the same program I was in at the time Agel Enterprises (we both learned the challenges of building the old fashion way).

David’s sponsor was Lori Harrell a great friend of mine and she used to tell me stories about this guy David Wood; how he was living with his new wife in his parents basement in Alaska, how she was supporting his traditional offline recruiting efforts, like in home meetings, friends, family, etc. I later learned that he had endured homelessness literally living in a beat up van in Hawaii and trying to become wealthy in MLM.

Fast forward one year… he was the number one recruiter in his company and gaining a lot of attention from industry leaders including Mike Dillard, Eric Worre, and others. The question is how did he do it? David moved his business building and recruiting to the Internet in Septmeber 2009 broke through six months later making $27,000 in one week and has not made less than $5,000 a week since that time.

To See a Video Featuring David and His Story Go Here:

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How to Leverage Public Relations and Social Media a Special Free Webcast Featuring Tatyana Gann

I have worked with Tatyana Gann for more than three years now and she has become both a trusted business colleague and true friend. Known by many as the ‘Russian Diva,” she has developed an amazing reputation as a public relational strategist and social media expert. I have hosted Tatyana as my guest on previous occasions on my podcast and I am pleased to share her knowledge and amazing strategies with attendees in the S.W.A.T. Conference Room for the first time.

Tonight we are hosting a very special conference featuring Tatyana Gann and several critical lessons from her PR Detective Blueprint Mini Course which reveals a step by step guide to quickly investigate, find and remove negative publicity while building a solid online reputation.

The event is free to attend and you will walk away with actionable content and gain a better understanding of how to leverage the coming changes to Facebook to grow your business. In addition to the free content, attendees interested in knowing more will be invited to join us for a four week intensive where you will receive the complete blueprint and action plan.

How to Attend:

Date: Tuesday March 13th

Time: 8:00 PM EST


Step 1: Follow the link above

Step 2: Login with your name (no password required)

Step 3: Bring a pen and notebook and take lots of notes

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Internet Marketers Networking Event 2012 with Janet Legere

I have spent countless hours under the mentor-ship of people who have created massive success online. As a result of an open minded attitude toward learning and most importantly taking action… I have been able to create a sustainable full-time income online. One of the reoccurring breakthrough moments experienced by many leading marketers who have mentored me occured when they attended live events.

Janet and Don Legere owners of Contact List Builder are hosting a live Internet Marketing conference in Calgary, Alberta Canada April 27th, 28th, 29th., 2012. During the event you will network with leading marketers who resonate with Janet and Don’s caring approach to teach you the skills you need to succeed online. In addition, you will be blown away by the featured speaker Devlyn Steele, life coach and founder of Tools to Life. Also on the agenda are James Stone co-owner of Prospect Geyser, Rob Gehring owner of Traffic Leads to Income, and Steve Gaghagan owner of Oneline Techniques. (Click on the title link to view the fill blog post)

I Just Purchased This for $1 and You should Too

My first ‘virtual mentor’ in Internet Marketing was Russell Brunson the creator of Dot Com Secrets and one of the most respected online marketers in the industry… that was in 2008. I purchased courses and a monthly subscription eventually investing more than one-thousands dollars because the information was that good. There is no doubt that Russell shortened my learning curve by years and I have gone on to buy other products over the past four years.

Over the past year Russell and his team have completely overhauled their business to address dramatic changes in the Internet Marketing niche in order to provide their customers with the best possible mentor-ship, training, resources and tools to ensure success. One outcome of this effort is Dot Com Secrets X which launched on Monday and is phenomenal… buying this program based on a $1 thirty day trial was a no brainer.

I often review products and make recommendations to my readers, but it is more rare when I simply say “you should buy this.” which is what I am advising you to do here.

Although I have a high level of trust in Russell Brunson, I wanted to wait until I bought the program logged into the members area and went through the entire site with a fine tooth comb before recommending you join. Why? Because so much has changed I wanted to be 100% certain I wanted to recommend this membership site.

The beauty with the way this site is being launched is the $1 thirty day trail allowing you to fully access the sites and resources and make money first prior to committing to the full monthly subscription.

Take a look at this amazing trial membership here: Dot Com Secrets X

My strong advice is to join with the thirty day trial and view the trial period as a thirty challenge and set a goal to make a few hundred or a couple of thousand dollars before your trail period ends. Based on what is provided to you as a member and the free traffic and swipe ads that are given to you in the system you would have to be mildly crazy not to take a close look inside.

Here is a small piece of what you get: (Follow the title link to access the complete article)