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Google’s New Privacy Policy and Your Search Privacy

Call it ‘just in time’ but I logged into all of my Google accounts and cleared my browsing history and ‘paused’ the future collection of my surfing data. I was pretty surprised to see that in my primary account contained history dating back to November 27, 2009 even though I regularly clear my browser history… the data was retained.

No doubt you have seen perhaps more than once the pop-up notifications upon longing into your Google and You Tube accounts advising you that Google has gone to a single ‘Terms of Service’ across their services platforms.

Read Google’s Terms of service here:

As I have read the traditional news and blogs on this topic I note that there are a few people on the extreme ends of the spectrum with the majority solidly in the middle. What are the extremes? On the one end are those fearing “big brother is watching us’ and on the other end those who have no concern regarding their online privacy.

I personally feel that prudent care to ensure that you are comfortable with the exposure of your information and Google’s ability track your data is advisable. I am not an alarmist and I love using the wide variety of products provided by Google. I strongly feel that web security should be in the control of the user and it appears that Google has created a window of opportunity to allow this to happen.

It is important to note that you have until March 1, 2012 to elect to clear all of your browsing history and / or pause the future collection of the same. In this video Maile Ohye explains what type of information is collected and more.

Deleting your browsing history before March 1st prior to the activation of Google’s new privacy policy will limit their ability to track and record your online search activities and merge those with your profile. It will take you less then 2 minutes to complete these steps and may provide peace of mind if you have any privacy concerns.

Internet Business Blueprint Podcast 2012 Season Begins

The 2012 season of the Internet Business Blueprint podcast begins on Monday February 13th and this year will include a few changes and several special series that will add value to my listeners. In addition, recordings of the podcast will be added to the Internet Entrepreneurs Academy audio library and re-purposed across other platforms.

The content and topics of for 2012 will be consistent with what listeners have come to expect and enjoyed over the past 171 episodes of the podcast. Listeners will learn about Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, viral traffic generation, automated website promotion, social media best practices and how to create multiple income streams.

One major change this year will be the addition of significantly more interviews with online business leaders and content developers. The feedback from past interview has been tremendous and there are so many amazing people across the web with value to share to help you grow. (Click the title link to access my blog and read the full article)

MLM Mastermind Training Plus 200 Leads a Day Formula

Loyalty is high on my list of values and as a result I have enjoyed many long-term relationships in business. One of my longest standing in the home based business industry is with Robert Blackman the owner of Profit Leads, Inc. I began purchasing leads from Robert in 2008 and although Profit Leads is not the only source where I acquire quality opportunity seeker and networker leads, it is among my most highly recommended because Robert makes it easy and cost effective to recruit new members daily.

The Profit Leads program has been completely revised to address the biggest problem in network marketing and direct sales… lead poverty! The great majority of network marketers do not have enough leads coming in to grow their businesses and create significant incomes. Every business builder who has the desire to make 3 to 5 quality daily presentations for their business to qualified prospects should take action on this three part formula for recruiting success.
Part I: Sign Up for a $1 Trail for Robert Blackman’s MLM Mastery Course

Many people fail to recruit new members in there businesses every month due to not having a system that identifies and per-qualifies new prospects everyday. Understanding the fundamental skills required to recruit new members into your business are learned skills and not natural for most people. Robert Blackman has shared more then 25 years of experience in his 24 CD course designed to teach you what you need to learn to thrive in the home-based business industry. (Please click on the title link to read the full article)

How to Earn from Multiple Income Streams Online

I was honored to be the guest of Janet Legere and Don Legere on their January 21, 2012 Contact List Builder training for their amazing membership community. This was my second opportunity to share with their membership after appearing on September 2011 to discuss traffic exchange mastery.

In this session, we discussed the benefits to building an online business based on the multiple income streams model and the steps required to create a sustainable business. I shared my personal journey in discovering this model while working in the real estate industry and my system for implemented the same concepts online.

The recording contains the entire training session including an initial introduction from Janet and a great mindset lesson from Don Legere. The training is fully actionable and I recommend watching it with a notebook and pen in hand. (Click on the title link to read the complete post and watch the video)

George Kosch in a Rare Interview about Worldprofit

On the Internet the technical wizards often are found behind the scenes creating the tools and resources that make truly successful programs thrive. This is the case at Worldprofit and for more than seventeen years the man behind the scenes has been George Kosch who is both a co-founder and technical director of the Alberta, Canada based company.

I became a member of Worldprofit in May of 2010 and prior to joining I completed extensive ‘due diligence’ on the company and found no interviews featuring Dr. Jeffrey Lant, George Kosch (I actually found one), or Sandi Hunter. What I discovered is that each have chosen to let their program speak for itself and avoid the typical promotional hype that prevails in the online business and make money niches. I have come to appreciate that.

It is rare to have access to an interview with George Kosch much less one that delves so deeply into the story behind Worldprofit’s founding and their mission to help people create success online. George has an engaging personal story, a knack for developing amazing automated tools, and a passion for marketing… all of which came through in the interview.

To listen to the fill interview follow one of the links that follow:

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