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Facebook is Tracking Your Every Move Online! Here is How to Stop It!

I am not a Facebook Alarmist and I heavily use the site daily for both personal and business purposes. I am aware of the “known privacy risk” that exist and I do my best to be smart about how I use Facebook as most knowledgeable users are. The key here is known risk and there seems to be a steady stream of disclosures and a pattern of apologies coming from Facebook regarding privacy infringements experienced by it’s users.

I advocate for the use of Facebook, I believe it is an important site if your desire is to engage in social media to connect with family and friends or to grow your business and brand. I continue to teach that Facebook continues to be a key component to what I teach about establishing your online presence and cultivating an online community.

I recently read a blog posting by the staff at Global Grind, which addresses the work of Australian blogger Nik Cubrilovic and offered the following steps to ensure that your activities cannot be logged through the use of cookies: (Click on the Title Link above to read the complete article.)

The Best Online Business Model for You?

I am often asked what is the best model to use when starting a business online and the simple answer is the one that works for you. Sounds logical but the best answer requires a bit more explanation along with a few examples of the core types of businesses you should consider.

I recorded a new podcast episode that addresses each of the core models along with additional insight and advice. Here is my show player… click the start button and be sure to take notes.

Assuming that you are clear on your objectives and the motivation behind your desire to start your business you should be able to build your business around one of these core models. As your experience grows you may venture into more than model as I have done… this is my advice as long as you maintain disipline in runing your businesses.
(Click on the Title Link to Read the Full Story and Listen to the Audio)

Traffic Exchange Mastery 10 Action Steps to Success

Yesterday I had the pleasure to conduct a guest training at Janet and Don Legere’s Saturday web-conference. I always welcome any opportunity to work with Janet Legere because she is a true professional with a passion to help her followers build sustainable businesses. If I can contribute to her mission in some small way… count me in!

To make it even better the topic of our training was “how to master traffic exchanges” and we had a group of 55 dedicated home-based business owners and Internet marketers who decided to invest their time and join us. It was a tremendous hour long session and I appreciate all of the great feedback that I have read n the blogs and I am glad that Janet and I were able to provide value to the attendees.

101 Awesome Marketing Quotes Courtesy of HubSpot

Here is a great collection of marketing quotes courtey of HubSpot that I wanted to share with you. I spend a little time each week collecting and sharing quotes with my followers on social networks or in my training sessions. One of the great ways thought leaders and teachers share their knowledge is through quotes that are poinient and really drive home a clear message. There are dozen amazing insights, golden nuggets, and words of wisdom in this collection and I am certain that you will not only benefit from them yourself, but that you will find ways to share them with others. (Click on the Tile Link above to access the full article and Slide Share with the quotes)

How Web-Conferences Help Grow Your Business

Over the past two years GVO Conference has made it simple and inexpensive to host live web-conferences with their web-based conference solution and it has been a hit among Internet marketers. Today, I recorded a podcast for the Internet Business Blueprint series on the the topic of how to leverage web-cast and shared a few thoughts on how you can use web-conferences to grow your business.

Web-conferences have become very popular and have helped hundreds of people every week learn how to become better online business owners, affiliate marketers and many others. I hours every week in conference rooms and they have become a valuable part of my business.

Here are 10 major benefits of using or attending web-conferences: (Click on the title link to open the complete blog post)

Learn How to Hold Your Vision

Back in June I enjoyed a short working vacation in Vail, Colorado a place I have visited regularly since 1981. My trip resulted in an amazing period of reflection, personal growth and many lessons which I have shared here in two earlier post. The first dealt with manifesting your perfect life and that was followed by thoughts on embracing your personal stories to break through events of the past that may have created self-limiting beliefs in your life.

Today, I want to share my understanding of another concept which may in fact be the key to obtaining the life of our dreams. The topic is holding onto the vision of what we really want in our lives. It is one thing to sit down with your journal and write out a set of goals or better yet a life plan, it is quite another matter to hold onto your vision against obstacles and setbacks.

I remember sitting next to the raging Gore Creek with it’s banks overflowing from the Spring runoff as the water moved swiftly toward the Colorado River to fulfill it’s purpose as a tributary to the great Colorado. When I looked downstream I could see many obstacles in the path of the flowing creek; boulders, fallen trees, foliage and I thought of these as an analogy of the obstacles we face in pursuit of our vision or purpose. I watched as the water found its way over, under and around every obstacle and challenge with a clear purpose to flow eventually into the Colorado River. We must maintain the same focus and determination to achieve our greater vision life vision and purpose.

Here are 10 actions you can take to achieve your vision and purpose in your business and life.

Top 10 SEO Tools of 2011by Skybox Creative

Here is a credible top 1o list of top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools offer by the staff of SkyBox Creative based in San Diego. I discovered a couple of new tools in this video and they have included one of my favorite free resources the SEO Book, which is a free to join site that provide a variety of SEO and webmaster tools.

What I like about this list is that everything here is immediately actionable and results are not dependent upon the size of your bank account. It makes sense to learn a few basic SEO tools and tips to support your traffic goals and honor the time you invest in creating websites and blogs.

Hits Viral by Robert Puddy a Full Review

I am inviting you to an exclusive Webinar Event featuring Robert Puddy who has launched a new advertising exchange called “Hits Viral”. The Webinar is free for everyone who joins Hits Viral from the link in this post and you will also receive several bonuses for instant download! Take a look at the site and watch the brief introductory video to discover if the site will help you grow your business.

Here is The Link:

Hits Viral is a brand new advertising exchange with a twist… it leverages your personal branding and maximizes web-page views as you team up with other members through the website. The concept is simple but produces powerful results! The site is built for network marketers and traffic exchange users resulting in the perfect viral vehicle to promote your websites and sales pages while building a team across multiple programs.

Here is an Audio Review of the Site: (CLICK on the Title Link to Read the Full Article and Access the Recording)

Cyber Bullying Exist in the Traffic Exchange World

The pot had been boiling for months you know the story school yard bully throwing stones and tossing insults to other kids on the playground that is the web. Let me be clear, all of the players in this little dust-up are people I consider friends so with that said… what boiled to the surface has been in the soup for a while and many in the room know it even if they would never say it.

If you run a little Google search of my comments posted to many traffic exchange related blogs you will discover that I am an advocate of letting people run their own businesses and furthermore recognizing that there are many ways to do so successfully. Social Surfing vs Old school surfing, social sites vs non-social sites, owner provided customer support vs Staff provided customer support, LFMTE vs Non-LFMTE… nanner, nanner, nanner… how about try to make a few pennies a day vs why not a few hundred, building a chat presence vs building a list, and it goes on and on and on and on! The truth is that there are many examples of successful sites and online business owners representative of each of these models and many more.

The truth is there has been a fair amount of “bullying” going on in conference rooms and on blogs over the past few months and the people being kicked around have many successes to their credit, they are proven leaders have have thousands of customers and followers. This post is not written to plead their case, feel sorry for them, or start picking sides… it’s not my style. I am merely an observer like most of you with an opinion that I am not afraid to express.

Sooner or later every bully get’s exposed on the play ground it like an unwritten law of the universe. When it happens you recognize it immediately, like that famous scene from the movie “A Christmas Story” when Ralphie finally decides he has had enough. There is allot of sensitivity to school yard bullying these days so I hope you can appreciate my humor in sharing this video clip before I share my point.

Go ahead and press play… you know you can’t resist (CLICK on the Title Link above to watch the video and read the entire post)