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James Holmes Answers Your Internet Marketing Questions IBB #03

I have began a new series of short video trainings over at my Live Stream channel at Today I posted two extensive answers to a couple of great quesitons on the subject of establishing and marketing a home based business. I have posted a video recording of my reply here and I encourage you to take notes as I share a few critical success factors to ensure your success.

Here is the Question from Leslie, my visitor:

“What is the best home based business out there? A home based business with a low start up cost and be able to make a good living…no inventory to keep, no selling, using my computer.” – Leslie A

Here is Leslie’s Answer: (Click on the Title Link Above)

Richard Branson’s Necker Island Home Burns

If you are a regular reader of my blog you may have seen prior post and videos I have shared featuring Sir Richard Branson. I am a great admirer of his entrepreneurial spirit and his accomplishments as the original Maverick Entrepreneur.

Richard Branson started from nothing and since his late teens has taken the risk and made necessary sacrifices to emerge as one of the most innovative and wealthy self starters of all time. He has become a billionaire as a result of hard work coupled with creativity and a flare that has made him very popular and love around the world. Along the way he has given away millions and helped thousands of people better their lives. Richard Branson’s causes are as big as his vision and imagination including ending poverty, saving the environment, furthering space exploration, and much more.

His home will be rebuilt and according to Mr. Branson… even better than before. The true loss was the journals, photographs, and other irreplaceable documents which chronicled the career that has spanned many decades, cultures, and industries. By God’s grace no one was injured and for that all of us as human beings can collectively extend our gratitude to everyone involved. I wanted to pause for a moment and share a few thoughts to consider.

If you are not familiar with Sir Richard, here is an insightful interview recorded March 2007 during a TED Conference and the interview holds several key business and life lessons. The interview is 29:55 in length and worth every minute. If you seek to learn how a billionaire thinks, how to extend a brand, and understand the rewards of taking risk – this interview is for you.

Get a Free Worldpress Blog Make Money Referring Others

I love Wordpress blogs, which probably explains why I have a network of nearly 20 site across a variety of carefully selected niches. I often speak with newer marketers that are confused about how to get started with a self hosted blog and resort to free blogs on Blogger or other blog platforms. I have several blogs on Blogger also but the bottom-line is that if Google (the owner of Blogger) feels that your content violates their evolving terms of service, your content and all of your hard work can disappear overnight. No warning just removed… it has happened to a few people I know.

If you are an internet marketer or home-based business professional a self-hosted Wordpress blog should be the hub of all of your online activities. Considering the importance of your blog you must take due care when selecting a blog platform and setting up your site. Keep in mind that your prospect will complete a websearch on your name while completing their due dilegence on you prior to joining your business or buying a product from you… what wil they find?

Hosting your own blog allows you the freedom to design the site and add content based on your personal preferences with no fear of violating the terms of free site providers. It also provides you with maximum flexibility when monetizing your site.

The Free Blog Factory provides a professional Wordpress installation using a premuim theme and several key plugins as part of your membership. The site can be installed on your exisitng C-Panel hosting account or they include a special trail offer for Hostgator in the event that you do not have a hosting account of your own.

Here’s what you get:
•Professional installation of a WordPress blogsite on your domain, complete with a $100 Premium Theme and pre-selected plugins and other leading business tools. F
•A thirty trial to Hostgator in the event that you do not have a hosting account.
•Ongoing WordPress Support when you sign up, solving all your technical problems.
•Hosts your blog with the fastest, most secure web hosting available – backed by Hostgator the world’s #1 hosting provider.
•Pre-loaded content to get you started

To get stared go here to claim your free blog:,Holmes-1287129292

IBO Tool Box Review of a Free Suite of Marketing Tools

IBO Toolbox mission is to provide high quality “free” platform for business owners to establish an even playing field when marketing online. The tools and social branding resources are completely free and the membership is growing rapidly. The objective of IBO Toolbox is to provide a platform for IBOs (Independent Business Owners) who are interested in streamlining their businesses online.

So far I love everything I see on this site and having a free platform where marketers who may otherwise struggle to secure the appropriate resources can secure them for free is fantastic. I do want to make one important point consistent with my past advice on auto-responders and client management systems. The establishment and maintenance of your subscriber list is the single most important asset you can maintain. I do not recommend using a free auto-responder of any type… I have heard too many horror stories about service that add future pricing, provide poor customer service, or have closed altogether without notice.

I recommend joining IBO Toolbox today and setting up your complete profile. Be sure to carefully review the site and take advantage of all the resources available to you and leverage the distribution of your content. Engage with the IBO Social Community and grow your network and make new friends.

James Holmes Answers Your Quesitons Live

Get Your Internet Markeiting Questions Answered Live

I previously shared that I would regularly host Q&A sessions where I would answer questions posted at Answers Junciton. I hosted the first such session yesterday and I wanted to provide you with a video clip if the show so that you have a better feel about these sessions. During the program, I will have the chat and social chat rooms open to take quesitons live.


Answers Junction Sesson One: Your Internet Marketing Quesitons 

I apologize about the 15 second ad which is presented by UStream

Visit My Live Stream at James Holmes TV

The programs will not be pre-scheduled at this time, I will simply announce them on my social profiles with advanced notice prior to hosting each show. I will always record each session and often post a direct reply to the quesiton itself at Answers Junction. If you have not visited Answers Junction, be sure to take a look around as there is a tremendous amount of great advice on the site as well as a resource section to help you grow your business.

I look forward to reading your questions and comments and thank you for reading my blog.

Have a blessed day!

230f7838ce3cae0635c29260bef6affc1 What Is Your Biggest Question About Making Money Online?

P.S. If you would like to learn how to use “Questions and Answers” to grow your business I have a great video course that I highly recommend here:

Answer Marketing Traffic

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Targeted Viral Traffic Surf Promotion

I am partnering with Matthew Graves, owner of Web Biz Insider, Top Tier Traffic, Splash Page Surfer to present a week long surf promotion with my Boot Scootin’ Traffic for the week of August 15th through Sunday August 21th. From Matthew Graves Splash Page

Surfer News: “Each day this week, one of our exchanges will be joining with Boot Scootin’ Traffic in a great surf contest and this week we are offering a special prize every day. Surf at least 150 pages at SplashPageSurfer and Boot Scootin’ Traffic today for your entry into the drawing. Each exchange is awarding a One Month Premium Upgrade, 5 Winners of 1,000 Credits and 5 Winners of 10,000 Text Ad Credits. Get surfing at both exchanges!”

This is going to be a fun promotion and you can get tons of targeted traffic and win great prizes. If you are not a member at our exchanges, join by clicking on the links below and get involved in the fun!

Here are the participating exchanges and the links to join:

Viral Traffic Network to Support The Global Enrichment Foundation

I was inspired t act last Friday my wife and I were watching the NBC Today Show and Kate Snow’s interview with Amanda Lindhout the founder of The Global Enrichment Foundation (GEF). Amanda established the foundation to support the women of Somalia and empower women worldwide through education. Hearing her story and understanding the desperate situation in Somalia left me with both an uneasy feeling and a heartfelt desire to do something, to find a creative way to make a real difference.

After doing further research over the weekend, I came up with an idea and I have made a decision to adopt GEF as the official non-profit of the Viral Traffic Network. Through a series of initiatives, we will provide contributions to The Somali Woman’s Scholarship program and other activities of The Global Enrichment Foundation. Details on the full scope of this commitment will be forthcoming in a future post. For now, I would invite you to watch this short video featuring Amanda Lindhout and also take a moment to visit their website.

I am taking immediate action on this commitment by hosting a free and live online webinar on Thursday August 1th, which you are invited to attend. If you would like to learn more about the webinar send an email to me at and you will receive an email reply containing all of the details for the event. The webinar will co-presented and feature four leading Internet marketers training on topics to include; establishing your online presence, leveraging PR through social media, creating an automated business funnel, and an action plan for your success.

Rosalind Gardner and Ewen Chia Public Dispute Resolved?

What’s Up with Rosalind Gardner and Ewen Chia?

I thought perhaps it was April 1st … “April Fools Day” because two of the marketers I respect most in the affiliate marketing arena where engaged in a very public dispute complete with some harmful comments from Rosalind Gardner attacking a respected fellow “Super Affiliate” Ewen Chia in a public forum (Rosalind’s blog). I love Rosalind Gardner, I have read her book “Super Affiliate Handbook” and have recommended it as an affiliate, I still do. But, I have to admit that this one took me buy surprise because Ewen Chia was unfairly blind-sided in an unprofessional way.

We could have a long debate about auto-blogging, track-backs, blog commenting for links and many widely accepted white, gray, and black hat traffic methods. The truth is that the Internet is still the wild frontier and for as many experts that would cry fowl, you can find another with perfectly legitimate reasons for why these methods are acceptable. It is kind of like trying to tell someone “how to use social media” the correct way, no such thing exist. Now I could make some obvious recommendation of things you shouldn’t do, but fundamentally social media is an open forum and still in it’s infancy, so you get my point.

I have included the key information and links to both Rosalind’s and Ewen’s blog for you to decide for yourself the merits of this little dispute. What I wanted to comment on is a trend that I am seeing in many niches online. The arguments are not related to products or programs but rather exist among accepted “gurus” of which Rosalind and Ewen both qualify, suddenly feeling the need to assign right or wrong to the practice of Internet marketing, traffic generation, and SEO among others. The troubling part about this trend is the personal attacks.

List Surfing Re-Opens as the Ultimate Social Exchange

Darren Olander and Matt Koshko have re-opened their popular ListSurfing advertising exchange and mailer to both existing and new members. The new site has been completely integrated with an emphasis on Social Interactions and branding for the members throughout the site. What really sets List Surfing apart from the other social exchanges is the focus on the member and the members brand.

Here are a few of the social interaction features:
•Your Full Social Profile with Links to Your Social Profiles
•Highlighted Member Activity on the Site
•Site Feedback in the Surf
•Live Chat in the Surf
•Your Own Opt-In Box to Build Your List
•Social Integration in the Unique Mailing Feature
•Activity Rewards for Remaining Active

Other Key Features Include:
•Thumb Views to Select the Next Site You Want to See
•Unique Mailer Features (Doubling Your Leverage)
•Earn Mailing Credits While You Surf!
•Rewards for Remaining Active on the Site
•Featured Ad Section for Your Ad Rotator
•All New Professional Design and Navigation

I am very excited about the changes that Darren and Matt have made to what had already been a very unique exchange. I recommend joining List Surfing and taking advantage of the special offers for upgraded membership and advertising packages. The new design and site navigation will have broad appeal to both experienced exchange surfers as well as marketers who are new to the surf exchange environment. Having built-in mailing features makes this site a true value allowing you to double your results and leverage reaching a much broader audience with your promotions.

In celebration of this re-opening, I am going to be providing a special bonus package to everyone who joins using the link in this post. As you may know, I own two popular exchanges both S.W.A.T. Traffic and Boot Scootin’ Traffic are included in the bonuses along with two other bonuses for you.

That Free Thing Review and Recommendation

I was introduced to “That Free Thing” by a good friend and business partner and immediately saw the value and paid the $25 membership fee. Knowing how much my family enjoys dining out and our monthly entertainment budget made this an easy decision. I knew that I would save more than the $9.95 monthly fee if I just used one offer in the member area of the site – my actual monthly saving has been about $150 plus I have received tons of free stuff!

In addition to the shear benefit of the discount coupons and free give-away items, this membership has proven to be more beneficial than Groupon because you also have the opportunity to participate in their compensation plan as part of your membership.