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MKTopp Helps You Market Your Business Earn Cash Daily

I have been able to create a tremendous amount of cash leverage that I then re-invest into my marketing budget participating and sharing simple low cost matrix programs over the past couple of years. These programs are very popular online because they cost very little to join, usually less than $25 so the risk is non-existent and the marketing resource allow me to build my business.

MKTopp is a brand new site that has just opened and provides a simple way for you to advertise any business using viral traffic and earn daily commissions as part of their 2×3 Cycle Matrix with free re-entry with each cycle. So with MKTopp you pay a one-time for life fee of $19 to join and earn $5.00 every time you refer a paying member and you also earn a $5 bonus when you cycle and $2 when your personal referals cycle.

One of the things I like about the program is that they also offer an advertising co-op for new marketers who do not have their own list. Although not required, advertising co-ops are a great way to get your affiliate link advertised and gain sign-ups into a program like this. The cost to join the co-op is just $10 for a thirty day period and you can track your hits in the members area.

Traffic Exchange Summit Updates

The Traffic Exchange Summit was formed in March 2011 by a large group of owners and customers of traffic exchanges. The core idea behind the summit in part was a desire to increase the awareness and effective use of advertising exchanges amount the broader Internet marketing community. You can read about the founding of the summit and the initial ideas here:

What is the Traffic Exchange Summit

Today, I wanted to update you on the status of the Traffic Exchange Summit and provide a glimpse of where we are going as we move ahead in the coming months. I have separated this information by category in order to present it in a logical format.

What Is Your Biggest Question About Making Money Online?

Throughout the week I communicate with dozens of new and guru caliber Internet marketers every week while managing my membership sites, hosting my podcast and building my own income programs. I have recognized a pattern that likely will not surprise you, many of the questions that come up in conversation are shared among many people – in other words many are searching for the same answers.

So, I have decided to provide an opportunity for you to ask your biggest questions about making money online at the bottom of this post under comments and I will make a short video to answer your question and provide you any appropriate resources as needed. In addition to posting your question and answer video, I will give you credit for the question and notify you when the video is posted.

If you would like to view a great site packed with answers to a variety of questions, I have another great online resource for you and it is called Answers Junction. This site serves as a place where thousand post their Internet marketing questions every month and members of my community or myself provide answers. As I write this post there have been more than 8600 answers posted.

Worldprofit Review After One Year of Membership Part 1: The Company

I have recently completed my first full year of membership as a Platinum Member of Worldprofit and I thought it would be a good idea to share a review of the company and my interactions with the founders Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Sandi Hunter and George Kosch. I joined Worldprofit on May 12, 2010 and I am amazed how quickly this first year has passed and how much I have learned from the advanced “Millionaire Bootcamp” and personal mentorship from Dr. Lant.

I am going to categorize my review focusing on three core areas for consideration in order to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the company and my personal experiences. I will conclude this series of post with a fourth where I will with my top five proven ways to make money with Worldprofit.

The Company:

Workdprofit was founded in August 1994 placing it among the earliest established companies online. I am impressed with the consistency is the operation of the company when it comes to the mechanics of delivering the resources, products and training to it’s members. In the year that I have been a member, the products and resources within the members area have grown by approximately 30% yet the monthly membership fee has remained unchanged.

Four Steps to Manifesting Your Perfect Life

I just returned from a short working vacation in Vail, Colorado where I set my intention to clear space, create a vision to manifest the next phase of my life and businesses to move even closer to my purpose. This is a really important and valuable process that everyone who has the desire to make significant changes in their life should undertake. I marveled as each day brought new questions, answers and clarity as I now direct my energy toward actions which will bring about phenomenal results.

I will share more about my trip, what I learned, how this could impact your business and certainly how much of this will unfold through my podcast, video-cast, membership sites and blogs. My intention as always is to share what is working for me in order to help you achieve your online goals and enjoyment of a true Internet lifestyle.

The Internet lifestyle is about freedom in your choices of time, place and intentions. It empowers you to live more powerfully and in every interaction be a blessing to those you come into contact with in your daily life.

Today, I want to share with you a simple four step process that represents the core of where I have derived my power to manifest the results I am seeking. It is a simple formula, but the process of learning how to master it requires true intention and daily focus until it becomes your way of life.

The 4 Steps to Manifesting

Gary Vaynerchuk Shares Social Media Principles on CNN

Gary Vaynerchuk is a true for in marketing and the power of social media. I have previously posted videos of Gary on my blog and I have personally interviewed him for my Internet Business Blueprint podcast and closely follow his business model and marketing principles. I came across this video today and wanted to share it with you.

Here are a few basic principles on how to use social media effectively: