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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Podcast Episode #97: Janet Legere GVO Trainer of the Year

I am pleased to welcome Internet Marketer and Elite Trainer Janet Legere as my guest on the Internet Business Blueprint podcast on Friday May 30th at 1:00 PM EST. We are going to engage in a lively discussion on personal branding, list building and using list builders to explode your list and build your business. Janet and I are partnered in GVO and another soon to be announced venture – I have come to admire Janet and I am thrilled to share her knowledge with you.

Janet Legere was recently honored by Joel Therien,CEO of GVO with the award for trainer of the year, which is easily understood as Janet consistently provides excellent training at GVO Academy as well as in her own Saturday training sessions.

I’m Sharing 7 Essential Steps to Building a Viral List… LIVE!

I’m Sharing 7 Essential Steps to Building a Viral List live on Thursday April 15, 2010 during an interview on”Smokin Hot PR” on Blog Talk Radio. I will be the guest of host Tatyana Gann for a interview and interactive conversation on the subject of viral list building.

Here are the 7 Essential Steps to Building a Viral List I will be sharing:
1. Understand the power of viral marketing
2. The tools every viral marketer must have
3. How to structure your viral list building funnel
4. How to use PLR to quickly build your list
5. Free and low cost methods to drive traffic
6. How to convert subscribers into buyers
7. How to convert buyers into your viral army

Here are the details:

Promoted Tweets: New Business Model for Twitter

The questions have been asked time and again for more than a year; “Does Twitter have a business model?” or “How will Twitter monetize their business?” It appears that those questions will be answered today in part as Twitter announces “Promoted Tweets” a new service that has been in beta and will allow advertisers ads to appear in relevant search results.

Twitter users post more than 55 million tweets everyday and many of those tweets will be leveraged by companies like Virgin America, Best Buy and Starbucks all of whom are already on board. Promoted tweets provides an interesting new option for Internet marketers who have suffered the sting of a few slaps from Google in the past year.

Many savvy marketers have shifted their advertising dollars for search campaigns to Facebook in recent months and Promoted Tweets offers another option to reach a target audience in any niche.

Build Your List with E-Books and Special Reports

I have spent a considerable amount of teaching you about list building over the past few months – this will not change as it is a key to your success online. Today, I wanted to share a strategy that has worked extremely well for me and that will work just as well for you provided you take action.

Here is the bottom line, people love getting quality information for free! One great way to build your list and add value for the member of your list is to provide quality e-books and special reports that help your subscribers build their businesses and improve their lives. I have a VERY EASY way for you to do this starting right now.

My friend John Guanzon has partnered with Brett Phillips to introduce “TE Reports” a membership website that contains twelve e-book titles that you can re-brand with your links and give away as part of your list building campaigns or as a free bonus on your blogs and websites. These are quality high in demand e-books that will add tremendous value for you and your subscriber list.

James Holmes Famous Author and Java Programmer

I was cleaning up my in-box today and came across a questions I get at least once per week; “excuse me, are you James Holmes who wrote all those great books on Java Programming?” – this guy is pretty famous! So I decided to write a blog post about the other James Holmes and answer the question in advance for future visitors.

The other James Holmes is an authority on Java Web development and has authored many books on the subject. He is a committer on the Struts project, and the creator of the most popular Struts development tool, Struts Console. Additionally, Oracle Magazine named him “Java Developer of the Year” in 2002 for his work with the Struts framework and Oracle JDeveloper.

The other James Holmes is an independent consultant who employs his expertise consulting for complex transactional environments whose clients include ADP, Bank of America, IBM, and UPS. James also provides training and mentoring services in addition to his regular consulting and speaking engagements. Like me… the guy is busy!

Effective List Building Part 7: Invest in Relationships to Explode Your List

Assuming that you have been taking action on what I have been teaching in this series you now have the foundation of a great list! Once you have began too build your list of opt in subscribers you must consistently work to establish and strengthen your relationships. Building your list is the first step and managing your list effectively is how you convert your list into a stable businesses.

Segment Your List and Focus on Your Subscribers Needs

I highly recommend segmenting your list and make it your practice to send targeted emails to each segment of your list as well as more general messages that apply to your entire list. The classification each particular subscriber from unqualified prospect to loyal repeat customer and everything in between, your subscribers should feel that you are speaking to their specific needs.