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Effective List Building Part 5: Create a Free E-Book and Give It Away

One of the primary purposes of your blog should be to collect subscriber names and email addresses to add to your list. The best way to achieve this is to consistently post great content to your blog to generate traffic and then offer a item of high value free in exchange for the subscribers opt in to your list. I like using either a free e-book, a seven part email course (delivered over 21 days), or a free video based product.

Let’s examine the options of offering an e-book in greater detail and take a look at a couple to tools to help you get up and running quickly. I am also going to show you a short cut used by many of top marketers on the Internet!

Podcast Episode #94: Outsourcing Right Here in the USA! with Traci Knoppe

In recent years many Internet Marketers and Solo-preneurs have embraced the tremendous opportunity to outsource a variety of daily task and projects in order to become more productive and free up time to enjoy more life. Smart entrepreneurs are becoming more profitable and getting more done everyday.

Most business owners I mastermind with have used outsource resources in India, Philippines, Australia and other parts of the world often motivated by cost. These resources are effective, but their are often challenges centering around language nuances and time zone differences that can cause some communications issues. When most think about outsource they think about offshore, until now.

On today’s show my special guest is Traci Knobbe the creator of “Your Web Tech Team” a United States based outsource firm with a variety of advantages for you. Whether you are a newer marketer or an experienced marketer looking to excellarate your progress, you will benefit from the time you investby listening to our show.

Your Web Tech Team is owned and operated by Traci Knoppe. Traci has been a professional web designer since 1999, primarily specializing in ecommerce web design solutions, and blog installations.

Podcast Episode #93: Colin Klinkert of Viral URL Notes, Replay Link & Gift

Colin Klinkert Co-Founder of Viral URL was my guest February 17th on the “Internet Business Blueprint Podcast” on Blog Talk Radio. The program more than delivered on my expectations as we were also joined by Frank Bauer the other founder of this powerful marketing tool. During the show we covered the history and idea behind Virl URL, Viral Networks and Viral Hosts. In the event that you missed the show, I wanted to provide you with the replay link as well as extend a special bonus that Colin extended to my listeners.

What’s Working Now: Prosperity Marketing System Four Week Test Final Results

On January 22, 2010 I wrote a post which provided an overview and week one results for a test I have been running on the Prosperity Marketing System. You can read that post including my financial results after the first week here: Week One PMS Test

My objective was to prove that anyone who took action and followed the simple system I have established could successfully promote this self-funded proposal system to enroll new members into the primary program of their choice and monetize a percentage of their prospects even if they did not enroll in the business opportunity. The key is that I did not undertake any special measures in marketing the system, such as PPC, ezines, article writing, video marketing, or any other paid advertising other than on traffic exchanges.

To recap here is were the elements of the system I used during the test:

10 Great Plugins to Help Your Word Press Blog Sing

There are numerous advantages gained by using WordPress as the platform for your blog, the variety of plugins available is among the most significant. Plugins allow you to maximize every aspect of your blog both in appearance and function. Today, I was visiting with a marketer who is in the process of evolving his first blog and we were discussing how to make the most of your blog theme and structure.

I concluded the conversation by promising to write a short post sharing my recommendation of a few key plugins to optimize WordPress. I’ve decided to share ten, the list could easily be thirty as there really are some innovative options depending on what you want to achieve. Let me start with a quick explanation of what a plugin is and the purpose of adding them to your blog.

Simply stated, a plugin is a piece of code that controls certain aspects of your blog, from SEO optimization to appearance you can dramatically enhance every aspect of your blog. Here is a resource to help you better understand the value of using WordPress and Plugins:

Here is my top ten for today. I recommend that you install these in your blog and take care to set each one up and take full advantage of each customizable feature when available.

When it Comes to Email Marketing Stuck or Don’t Know Where to Start?

I love to to reward my loyal readers and newsletter subscribers, that is why I created “My Private Vault” where my subscribers have access to over $2,000 value in the form of software, video training, audio mp3 files, e-books, special reports, software and much more. I add new products every month and eventually the vault will be worth tens of thousands of dollars – my subscribers will still have free access!

As a bonus to you regardless if this is your first time visiting my blog or if you are a regular reader, I have something for you. I wanted to provide you with an excellent short video course on email marketing by Internet Marketer Michael Rasmussen.

The course is called “Email Promos Exposed – How to Write Killer Email Promos that Get Results.”

Colin Klinkert of Viral Host and Viral URL Live on the Internet Business Blueprint Podcast

One of the first membership sites I joined upon entering into the realm of Internet Marketing was Colin Klinkert and Frank Bauer’s Viral URL. I have been a big fan of Colin’s work since that time and have since utilized many other sites and services the team don under has released. On Wednesday February 17th at 11:00 PM EST (2:00 PM in Brisbane, Australia), Colin Klinkert will be my guest on the Internet Business Blueprint Podcast to discuss his journey, viral marketing, his biggest challenge, and where we are headed in the internet marketing space in 2010.

How to Ensure E-Mail Deliver-ability

Spam filtering has made it increasingly difficult to ensure email deliver-ability to your opt in subscribers, which is critical to your success in monetizing your list and delivering value to your subscribers consistently. An incorrect spam filter classification can reduce your click through response rates by as much as 20-30% of your total number of messages sent.

Here are are 12 specific actions you can take to ensure your email gets delivered.

#1. Always be CAN-SPAM Compliant

This is RULE NUMBER ONE! The January 2004 Federal CAN-SPAM law introduced a number of rules regarding the delivery of email. It’s important you have your legal counsel review your practices and ensure you are in compliance. The two most important rules include having a valid postal mail address listed in all commercial messages and a working unsubscribe link that is promptly honored to remove the subscriber from future messages.

#2. Get Your Subscribers Permission

Confirming that the people who ask for your information have actually requested to be on your list is the number one step in the battle for deliverability. You should be using a process called confirmed opt-in or verified opt-in to send a unique link to the attempted subscriber when they request information. Before adding the person to your list they must click that unique link verifying that they are indeed the same person that owns the email address and requested to subscribe.

#3. Get Your Subscriber’s Best Email Address

Always ask you new subscribers to opt into your list using their “real or best” email address. Many online marketers and information seekers use a throw away or catch list as a means of sorting through opt in email. Typically this is set up using a free email service such as G-mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. This means that the address you are mailing to can be easily thrown away or at their capacity, which will result in bouncing email addresses that hurts your delivery statistics. (more)

Effective List Building Part 4: Provide Maximum Value First for Your Subscribers!

As an entrepreneur you are rewarded for two specific outcomes:

1. The Value You Provide

2. The Problems You solve

When it comes to list building the rewards you earn are loyal responsive subscribers who choose to remain on your list and sales of your info products, affiliate programs, business opportunities, and other resources you recommend. My goal in this post is to help you maximize your list building activities by providing your subscribers with extreme value first, allowing you to create loyalty and solidify your relationship with your list.

Here is my strategy for adding value as a component of effective list building!

Give Your Subscribers What They Want and Need

Be consistent and targeted with the information you send to your list. Keep in mind that you attracted your subscribers based on a invitation or item of value likely focused on a specific niche. For example, if a subscriber opted into your list for an internet marketing product, they likely will not expect you to email them information about cooking or how to restore a vintage automobile. If you work in a variety of niches, you should build separate list for each niche and only mail across all of your list when the information is relevant to the entire list.

If you email your list with targeted information that provides added value for their lives and helps them grow their businesses, you will develop loyalty and maximize your rightful opportunity to monetize your list. People like to buy from those they know, like and trust – you can develop these three qualities by seeking to add value first and monetize second.