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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

The Flying Monkeys Must Be Running Things for Joel Comm and You Get Four Free E-Books!

I received an email last week as a member of Joel Comm’s affiliate program stating that I was being given permission to give away four of Joel’s most popular e-books including the wildly successful “AdSense Secrets” which sells for $97 absolutely free. So, I had added all four titles to “My Private Vault” located here: My Private Vault Log In

If you do not have a password for “My Private Vault” go here: Request Your Private Vault Password and enter your name and valid email address and you will be sent a password immediately. My Private Vault contains over $1,400 worth of products for free and immediate download and I add new products every month for subscribed members of this site.

If you are interested in using Adsense in your business you must read “Adsense Secrets 4″ the information is still very timely and will help you leverage your marketing efforts. I want to kick things off by giving you immediate access below. Keep in mind there are three additional titles available in the vault.

Effective List Building Part 2: A Numbers Game But Quality Matters More Than The Size Of Your List

List building is largely a numbers game but many marketers forget that quality matters when it comes to earning revenue with your list. If you want to monetize your subscriber list you must first provide real value for your members for free and then within your funnel convert those subscribers to buyers.

The basic formula that I teach to achieve our objective is simply offering visitors to your websites and blogsites a high value item free as a reward for opting in, I refer to this as an ethical bribe. Keep in mind that this is a reflection on your brand and for your future customers it is their first sample of the quality and value you provide. As a result you want to give away some of your BEST information. If you give your new subscribers cheap or low value products and information, they have no reason to pay for what they will perceive to be more of the same.

When you provide high value information as a free gift and continue to provide quality content through your auto-responder messages, you begin to build trust by establishing your expertise and you create a desire in your subscriber to obtain more of your content and a willingness to pay for the value they receive.

Be Sure to Check Out My Personal Vault

A few months ago I moved one of my subscribers list from one auto-responder over to Aweber and wanted do something special for the members that were required to re-opt in. I pulled together nearly $1000 worth of digital information products and business tools free of charge in exchange for there time – it went over very well. About a month ago I decided to what I now call “My Vault” accessible to anyone who subscribed to my list and make it part of my blog menu. No hoopla, just a a simple enter your name and email address and receive your password by email and download all the great products and resources inside.

I have keep it so quiet that today I was thinking that many readers may be missing the tab, so I though I would write a quick post and personally invite you to sign up. I will be adding another set of products to the vault in the next few days that will bring the total value to nearly $2000 of products and resources that you get free as my gift to help you grow your business.

Podcast Episode #92: Penny Power, Founder ecademy UK Based Social Network

Penny Power is the Founder of ecademy, a UK based social network for serious entrepreneurs and internet based marketers. On Wednesday February 3rd at 9:00 am EST Penny Power will be my special guest on the Internet Business Blueprint podcast on Blog Talk Radio. This will provide you with a rare interview to speak directly with Penny and benefit from her extraordinary knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship and leadership.

Penny Power created ecademy with her husband Thomas Power and Glenn Watkins to help business people achieve success in their business through online tools, community and through friendship. Penny was born in England in 1964, married Thomas Power in 1990 and has three children. In her own words:

“I think the greatest aspect of Social Networking and the online world for us has been the aspect of working from home a great deal, allowing Thomas and I to be close to the children as they grow up. I am sure that is something that many of Ecademy Members have experienced and it is an enormous benefit of the new online world.”

ecademy is a Social Business Network. Created as a community, it has developed over 12 years into a warm, supportive and creative place. Business people join from all over the world and we encourage an Open, Random and Supportive philosophy.

Special 40%Discount on PowerStart 2010 Plus My BIG Bonus!

Here is a quick heads up on a special offer that was made on my podcast “The Internet Business Blueprint” podcast by Internet Marketer Doug Champigny for his “Power Start 2010″ 4 Week Coaching Program – I am signing up for the program today and so should you – here is why.

There is a tremendous opportunity to develop your personal brand, expand your market, and create a six-figure income by creating and marketing information products. Many new and intermediate marketers have a large number of ‘private label rights’ (PLR) and ‘master resell rights’ (MRR) ZIP files sitting on their hard drives unopened because they do not know how to take the steps required to get these products personally re-branded and posted online. It is like a treasure chest of cash waiting to be opened.

The purpose of the Power Start 2010 program is to help you go from a dead start to a complete online info product business with website hosted, monetized and getting traffic in 4 weeks. I invite you to join us if you would like to take massive action and get your business launched in 4 weeks not 12 months and start making real money online.

Here is an overview of the weekly sessions:

What’s Working Now: Results of Week One Prosperity Marketing System Test

I am starting a new series of post that will appear weekly on my blog under the heading (and tagged) ‘Whats Working Now’ and it will be documented results of what I am testing in my business and what type of results I have recorded. I am constantly testing new tools, new marketing methods, and resources in an ongoing effort to make my business more efficient and profitable. I am not going to share the failures, there are always little experiements that do not work out, but I am not a product reviewer and it is not my intention to provide you with product reviews.

I am only interested in sharing with you what is working, the experiments that produced positive results. There will be times when I am testing a resource that requires an extended testing period and therefore the results may not be known for a while, but I may be compelled to share the progress I am making anyway. I may also share with you what I am considering testing next, but those post will not carry the ‘whats working now’ tag.

So, here is my first report to you. I have been running a test over the past 8 days to see how my web traffic was converting to upgrades and eventual sign-ups into one of my primary programs using the “Prosperity Marketing System.”

Simple Fail-Safe Way to Back Up Your Email Account

I have a lesson from the field that will save you from losing access to your email if your domain host goes offline or another calamity visits your desktop. Here is what happened. I was working with one of my traffic services clients last night to help him get an e-commerce site online overnight in a pinch. So it was about one in the morning and we decided to transfer his DNS Settings for his domain to a new host and FTP the site. What we hadn’t considered is that his email would go offline until the transfer process was complete quoting 24 to 72 hours. The problem is that he is receiving between 30 to 50 new order per day through email – yikes!

Effective List Building Part 1: Actions to Build Your Subscriber List Now!

List building is a crucial piece of the success puzzle when it comes to creating a successful internet marketing business. The bottom line is clear, you need a list regardless of which business model you choose; information product marketing, affiliate marketing , direct sales or any other the other handful of variant models you have to choose from. The bottom line is to be successful you must place your message in front of your market with consistently.

There are a variety of channels that you can use to deliver your message, but few are more effective than a responsive double opt in subscriber list of buyers who already know you, like you and most importantly have grown to trust you. Once you have a subscriber list in place, you should plan to earn one dollar for every name on your list each month. Then if your desire is to make more money simply grow a bigger list.

I will be focusing a lot on list builing in 2010, both in my personal business and in the training I share on my blog. To get things started, I wanted to provide you with a simple checklist providing actionable ideas that you can implement today to begin building your list.

Podcast Edisode #91: Doug Champigny Reveals Power Start Marketing

On Friday January 22, 2010 at 3:00 EST I am going to produce a podcast interview with a leading information marketing expert, a man that I greatly admire and someone who gave me the final piece of the puzzle to initiate my own information product marketing buisness. Yes, he had no idea, most ‘go-givers’ sow increase into others with the ease of taking their next breath.

Doug Champigny is a successful Internet marketer and he has a down to earth manner in which you actually learn what he is teaching. So what does all of this have to do with you and your success? Doug will spend enlighten all of us how to build a profitable business in four simple steps.

Podcast Episode #90: Jon Olson Discusses Web Traffic, Personal Branding and Making Pizza

On Thursday January 21, 2010 Traffic Exchange expert and author Jon Olson owner of ‘I Love Hits’ and “SWAT Traffic’ will join us to discuss traffic exchanges and how to utilize them to build a thriving Internet business. Jon’s sites are ranked among the leading manual traffic exchanges. Perhaps Jon is best known for his authorship of “The Pizza Plan,” a book that details how a former pizza store manager created a thriving internet business resulting in a full-time income and complete time and lifestyle freedom starting with a budget of $70 per month.