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Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

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I recently conducted a training on auto-responders and list management on my “Internet Business Blueprint” podcast. During the training I spent a considerable amount of time making the case for carefully choosing your auto-responder company because moving a large list from one host to another can result in you loosing a large percentage of your subscribers. Most reputable host will not allow you to upload a large list in bulk into their service without confirming their opt in and a large percentage of people will not re-opt in to your new list.

I have a series of list that consist of the members of my network marketing team and prospects who are in my network marketing funnel, these prospects haven’t decided to join me, but they still want to benefit from the content and resources that I provide to my list. I am experiencing amazing growth in my business funnel and it is time to consolidate my list to one host, as a result I now get to live my lesson and move a mid-sized list.

How to Succeed in Internet Marketing Part 1

Thousands of people every month come online to pursue their dreams of creating a successful business, accomplishing their financial goals, and realizing true time freedom. Knowing that these are real people with real lives and that most believe they are serious about their intention to be successful, I wonder why so many fail?

Whether you are pursuing network marketing, affiliate marketing, infomation product creation, or any other business model this post is offered to help you succeed.

Success is a formula requiring many ingredients, it is not an exact science becuase there is a large measure of art included in the formula. I wanted to explore several of the reasons so many people fail online and then provide you with a blueprint to help you achieve success online. I covered this topic on my podcast “InternetBusinessBlueprint” yesterday and I wanted to share these concepts with you here.

New Google Slap for Thin Affiliate Review Sites

I just finshed reading an interesting blog post by AdWords Guru Perry Marshall creator of “The Definitive Guide Google AdWords” an excellent content creator and blogger on the subject of AdWords. I recently heard Perry interviewed on the “Internet Marketing This Week Podcast” where he once again stated his case that affiliate marketing is not a “real” business. I don’t agree with him in terms of making a blanket statement as many affiliate marketers have created “real” businesses which include affiliate marketing within their funnel.

In his blog post “Google Slap for Product Sites,” inspired by an email that Perry received from Dr. Glenn Livingston (included in the post)concerning feedback he has been recieving and apparently test he has conducted that would indicate that Google has cracked down on thin Affiliate product review sites, which do not add value to the readers experience. These sites are light on content and heavy on affilate links. Perry Marshall again states his case and offers a bit of advice for the affiliate marketer.

Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher Present “How to Finally Make Money With Social Media” Free Webinar

Internet Marketing Master Ryan Deiss and Social Media Guru Perry Belcher will be hosting a Free 2 Hour Webinar on Wednesday evening July 22, 2009 titled “How to Finally Make Money With Social Media” the presentation is expected to sell out at 5,000 attendees. This is an early registration link.

I have personally listen to dozens of hours of Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher training on information product creation, social media, and Internet marketing. I highly recommend their materials as I have found them to be relevant, actionable, an of high value.

Responce to “Perry Belcher Unplugged” Could Be Late July Fireworks!

We have a very interesting guest joining us on Monday July 20, 2009 and there could be Late July Fireworks! I began promoting that Social Media Expert and Internet Marketing Guru Perry Belcher would be my special guest for a special one hour edition of the “Internet Business Blueprint” podcast, which I host every weekday. The responses I have received on Twitter have been more than interesting and will no doubt add a new twist to Perry appearance on the program.

My intention for inviting Perry on the program was to share my positive experience with others and allow my listeners to call in to ask Perry questions, chat with feedback, and benefit from the knowledge of someone who has produced tremendous results with consistency. There are literally ten of thousands of people trying to figure out how to make social media work, how to leverage it to build their brand and drive sales in their businesses. I felt that having Perry on the show would provide a unique opportunity to benefit a large number of entrepreneurs.

Ten MLM Myths Defeated by the Truth

During today’s training session on the “Internet Business Blueprint” podcast, I discussed ten common myths that many face when prospecting for their network marketing (MLM) opportunity. I find that many distributors shy away from these when they are raised by their prospects and often result in a total lack of confidence during the recruiting process. My underlying advice has always been to address these questions head on and I will summarize here what the most common myths are and how to address each in effectively.

SEO Book & Search Engine Optimization Tools

The founders of SEO book; Aaron Wall, Giovani Villanueava and Peter Da Vanzo have create a free set of resources with a minimum monetary value of $300 as a way to put actionable strategies to work and measure the results. I love this because it takes the risk completely off the table. By signing up for this free package of gifts, you gain instant access to the following: