Internet Business Blueprint

Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

How to Indentify Mentors for Your Business

Today on my “Internet Business Blueprint” podcast session we will begin to explore the value of identifying a mentor for your business. Mentors can be those who you engage in a personal relationship with as well as virtual mentors who you may never meet. The Internet Business Blueprint podcast is a daily program designed to help anyone interested in Internet based entrepreneurship. Proving coaching, resources, and tools designed to help you establish and grow a thriving internet based business. Guest and topics will focus on topics relevant to internet marketers, network marketers, direct sellers and affiliate marketing professionals. Listener feedback is encouraged.

James Holmes is Offering Free Private Consultations for Home Business Entrepreneurs

I speak to a variety of people every day who are for the first time making what I call the transition from what I call “from E to E,” which means moving from “employee to entrepreneur. ” This transition is largely mental and emotional, which is the reason why two people can be presented with the same opportunity and tools yet experience very different results. I have been able to help a number of people recognize a few simple principles and offer strategies to help them overcome limiting beliefs, mis-conceptions, and successfully make the transition into entrepreneurship.

A Little Morning Inspiration for Your New Day!

A friend and fellow networking professional named Anne Feinstein shared this short 2:35 video with me and said she starts her day watching it, I can see why. The messages are very simple yet powerful and I wanted to pay her gift to me forward to you. My hope is that you will be inspired to live everyday on purpose and recognize that you can decide to start anew.

A Blueprint for Internet Marketing Success Part 1

My day started off in a powerful way today. I hosted session one in a four session series of podcast on developing your business funnel, which is designed to help you create a outcome based business blueprint (your business funnel), that attracts continuous qualified prospects, creates reoccurring streams of income and allows you to build a thriving business. At the conclusions of this series of four consecutive podcast you will have the perfect business model to help you create a successful online business, time freedom, and true wealth.

Russell Brunson’s Micro-Continuity Pre-loaded MP3 Give Away!

I just finished watching a powerful 51 minute video presentation by Russell Brunson on the topic “Micro-Continuity.” If you are like me you likely are a member of more than one continuity program, which is basically a monthly subscription to access to a members only website where you access content pertaining to a niche or speacific aspect of marketing, product creation, etc.

The marketplace is very competitive and it becomes a challenge for many to afford more than a few of these programs, which on average range anywhere from $17 to $97 per month and present a tremendous value for what you receive. So what should you do if you are introducing a new program and the budgets of your potential members are already being tapped? The answer should be “Micro-Continuity.”