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10 Great Plugins to Help Your Word Press Blog Sing

When first began blogging I used Blogger as the platform for all of my blogs, I still have several hosted there. I must admit that what attracted me to the service was the ease of use and that fact that it was free. I couldn’t have imagined what my investment of a little time learning about Word Press and less than five dollars per month for hosting would mean for my results from blogging.

There are numerous advantages gained by using WordPress as the platform for your blog, the variety of plugins available is among the most significant. Plugins allow you to maximize every aspect of your blog both in appearance and function. Today, I was visiting with a marketer who is in the process of evolving his first blog and we were discussing how to make the most of your blog theme and structure.

I concluded the conversation by promising to write a short post sharing my recommendation of a few key plugins to optimize WordPress. I’ve decided to share ten, the list could easily be thirty as there really are some innovative options depending on what you want to achieve. Let me start with a quick explanation of what a plugin is and the purpose of adding them to your blog.

Simply stated, a plugin is a piece of code that controls certain aspects of your blog, from SEO optimization to appearance you can dramatically enhance every aspect of your blog. Here is a resource to help you better understand the value of using WordPress and Plugins:

Here is my top ten for today. I recommend that you install these in your blog and take care to set each one up and take full advantage of each customizable feature when available.

1. All in One SEO Pack by Michael Torbert: This plugin will provide you all of the basic features for search engine optimization and will satisfy the needs of most bloggers. There is a Pro Version of this plugin worth consideration and you can read more about Michael Tobert and his plugins on his blog

I use this plugin or another called Platinum SEO Pack on all of my blogs. There are other SEO related plugins, but this is the one I would recommend for most bloggers.

2. Google XML Site Map by Arne Brachhold: This plugin makes it very simple to install a SEO friendly site map on your blog, which is essential to maximize both search engine optimization and your users experience. To learn more about Arne Brachhold and access some amazing content visit his blog

3. SEO Title Tag by Stephan Spencer: Create a customized title tag for any post, static page, category page, UltimateTagWarrior tag page – indeed, any URL! And will auto-insert the tag name into the title on tag pages generated by UltimateTagWarrior plugin. Admin allows for mass editing of title tags. To learn more about StephanSpencer visit his blog

4. Hyper Cache by Stefano Lissa: Hyper Cache system for WordPress will improve your blog perfomance and save resources. By utilizing a cache plugin you will improve page load times among a number of other benefits. To learn more about Stefano Lissa visit his blog

5. MBP Ping Optimizer by Max Blog Press: Using this plug in will save your Word Press blog from getting tagged as ping spammer which may result in your blog being banned from these vital services.n. This plug in solves a couple of critical issues with the manner in which Word Press auto pings your post. To learn more about Max Blog Press visit their blog

6. Link Within by Link within: I love this plug in because it ensures that your older post remain relevant to new visitors to your blog by offering an attractive thumbnail of a few of your past post at the footer of every post on your blog. To learn more about Max Blog Press visit their blog, although there is not a ton of content there – just access to a few recommended uses and the download link

7. Pretty Link by Blair Williams: As an affiliate marketer and information products publisher, Pretty Link has become one of my favorite plugins. This clever plug in allows you to add a keyword redirect to the end of your domain name, which can be used to redirect your visitors to product sales pages, PDF doacuments, etc. This plugin cloaks, redirects and tracks your links all in one action. There is a very easy to use administration panel accessible within the WordPress dashboard. To learn more about Blair Williams visit his blog

8. Exclude Pages from Navigation by Simon Wheatley:  Provides a checkbox on the editing page which allows you to exclude pages from the primary navigation. This will remove the pages from any “consumer” side page listings, which may not be limited to your page navigation listings, so test the pages you exclude to ensure that they are accessible based on your initial intent. To learn more about Simon Wheatley visit his blog

9. CommentLuv by Andy Bailey: This cleaver plugin shows the last post from your commenter’s blog by parsing the feed at their given URL when they leave a comment on your blog. This will reward your readers and encourage more comments because they are allowed to promote their post while benefiting yours. To learn more about Andy Bailey visit his blog

10. Sexy Bookmarks By Josh Jones, Jamie Carter, Gautum Gupta, Norman Yung: SexyBookmarks adds a (X)HTML compliant list of social bookmarking icons to each of your posts. This plugin does this beautifully with attractive icons and a unique multi-line listing of multiple social sites. To learn more about the authors visit his blog

Do you have a list of your favorite plugins that you can share? Be sure to add them along with a comment here and I will look forward to exploring your recommendations.

I am here to help you succeed!

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  • Doug Champigny

    Great list of plugins, James! I would add TweetMyBlog to that list, so that it tweets each post as you make it – that way it also shows in FaceBook, MyBlogLog, LinkedIn, Google Buzz and anywhere else you have your Twitter feed displayed.
    .-= Doug Champigny´s last blog ..A GREAT Example of Internet Marketing Videos! =-.

  • Chris Mason

    Hi James

    I just wanted to post this comment and thank you for the article “10 great plugins”.

    As you know I was that marketer evolving my first blog you refer to in your opening paragraph. James I couldn’t be more impressed with your giving of your time so freely when we spoke the other day. Even though I am already involved and my big ticket purchase is made, you had no hesitation in offering your truly valuable advise. Then to follow through with the article as we discussed, brilliant.

    I would recommend you to anyone considering getting involved in the world of online marketing. I reckon you must be a great mentor and I hope to emulate you

    All the best.

    Chris Mason
    .-= Chris Mason´s last blog ..Striking the Balance =-.

  • JamesHolmes

    Doug – Thank you for the addition of “TweetMyBlog” and agree that it is worth of any top 10 list. You always have an extra golden nugget in your pocket!

  • JamesHolmes

    Chris – Thank you for your kind words and with your exceptional attitude and determination – you will have tremendous success online. Let me know if I can help you in anyway along your journey. I have been blessed along my path by great mentors and I am committed to emulating their every action.

  • Courtney

    Great list. I use most of the plugins you mentioned but I would also add the Keyword Luv plugin to the list. It’s an easy way to help your commenters get links back to their blog using their choice of keywords.

  • JamesHolmes

    Courtney – Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comments. Great addition to the like, I have heard a little bit about that one before and now I will have to take a closer look. Please feel to stop back anytime and share your great ideas!